Marching Owl Band (M.O.B.)

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Rice University’s wildly satirical Marching Owl Band never marches in formation, and includes musicians who play violins, cellos, electric guitars, kazoos and the occasional didgeridoo. At the end of every halftime spoof, the MOB scatters across the field as if to show the opposing team’s band that all of their regimentation is not half as much fun as being young, free and a little gonzo. In 1973, a mass of Texas A&M Aggies took exception to a performance that poked some fun at A&M’s expense and angry Aggies trapped the MOB inside Rice Stadium for hours until police arrived and helped the band escape, transported by food service trucks. The MOB continues to use halftime as an opportunity to toy with some sacred cows because this band is comprised of serious scholars who look at their performances as a way to let off some steam. And hey, the football team is pretty good, too.


Marching Owl Band (M.O.B.)
1 Stadium Rd.
Houston, TX 77005