Littlefield House

One street up from the Drag, you might be delighted to find an adorable Victorian home planted right across the street from the Texas Union. This house was built for Civil War Veteran George Littlefield who spent a good bit of his business earnings on generous donations to the University of Texas. Thanks to his gifts, UT was able to develop the Littlefield Fountain, the Main Building and a residence hall also named for the benefactor. After Littlefield and his wife passed away, the House was turned over to the University, where it is used as an office space and storage facility.

Planted outside of the Littlefield House is a unique Himalayan Cedar tree, which was transplanted from Tibet to Austin along with the necessary amount of soil to plant the tree as well. The tree is identifiable by its horizontal branch growth pattern.


Littlefield House
24th Street and Whitis Avenue
Austin, TX 78712