Houston Police Officer's Memorial

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Take a drive down Memorial and you will undoubtedly see a police car parked out in front of a park and one lone officer on his shift to maintain an unbroken 24-hour, 7-day-a-week vigil in honor of his fallen comrades. Across the grassy lawn, is a series of ziggurat style monuments dedicated to those brave Houston officers who have given their lives serving and protecting the city. Designed by Jesus Moroles, this dramatic sculpture is in the shape of a Greek cross, with one central stepped pyramid and four surrounding inverted pyramids. At the apex of the 12 1/2 foot tall center pyramid there are four slabs of Texas pink granite inscribed with more than 80 officers’ names. A few years ago, Houston philanthropists and environmental activists Charles and Beth Miller donated lush gardens to the Houston Police Officer’s Memorial (as well as several other public spaces) which bring a softness to the setting. This meditative and picturesque spot has an incredible view of the downtown skyline yet is rarely if ever crowded.


Houston Police Officer's Memorial
2400 Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX 77007


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