The Townsend

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The Townsend
Photo by SJ Reid Photography

This Congress Avenue bar doubles as a high-end cocktail lounge and an intimate performance venue. Located in the historic Townsend-Thompson building near the Paramount Theatre, this classy, sophisticated space serves up craft cocktails courtesy of Justin Elliott (of Qui and Official Drink of Austin fame), a boutique beer and wine selection, tasty bites, and more. The first bar in Austin with a program of its kind, The Townsend's menu features a rotating lineup of drinks designed by guest bartenders who receive royalties for each glass ordered.


The Townsend
718 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701


Sun: Closed
Mon: 4 pm-midnight
Tue: 4 pm-midnight
Wed: 4 pm-midnight
Thu: 4 pm-midnight
Fri: 4 pm-2 am
Sat: 4 pm-2 am

Good to Know

  • Editors' Pick
  • Casual
  • Food Served
  • Happy Hour
  • Craft Beer
  • Craft Cocktails
  • Dress To Impress
  • Live Music