La Carafe

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If you want to get to first base over drinks, head to the romantic and historic La Carafe. This dark and cozy bar is lit only by dim lamps and flickering candles and housed in Houston’s oldest existing commercial building, dating back to 1847. You can stay downstairs or saunter up to the tiny room on the second floor or sit at one of the outdoor tables with a view of Market Square. The eclectic selection on the jukebox ranges from Edith Piaf to Wynton Marsalis to Hank Williams, but nothing loud or raucous that would disturb the clandestine atmosphere. Ramones fans: look elsewhere. Only beer and wine are served, with a great selection of both on hand, and purchases are rung up on an antique register. Some swear La Carafe is haunted by weary travelers who were there when it was a stagecoach station, which provides the perfect excuse for couples to cuddle.

Check out the jukebox. The classy, jazzy, sophisticated selections will put you in a romantic mood. And step out onto the balcony for a great view of Market Square Park. 


La Carafe
813 Congress St.
Houston, TX 77002


Sun: 1 pm-2 am
Mon: 1 pm-2 am
Tue: 1 pm-2 am
Wed: 1 pm-2 am
Thu: 1 pm-2 am
Fri: 1 pm-2 am
Sat: 1 pm-2 am

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