Canard Belladonna cocktail
The Belladonna cocktail at Canard. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam

Treadsack bar director Leslie Ross gets to unlease the full force of her creativity at this stylish cocktail lounge. Located next to the company's Thai restaurant Foreign Correspondents, Canard sets itself apart with dark green walls, lush purple banquettes, gold accents, and a bumping hip hop soundtrack.

The menu is split between light, balanced house cocktails and heavier, boozier optics, which are served an ounce at a time from devices located on the back bar. Think of it as the difference between perfume and cologne. A few well-chosen bottles of sparkling wine round out the offerings. 


4721 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009


Sun: 4 pm-midnight
Mon: Closed
Tue: 4 pm-midnight
Wed: 4 pm-midnight
Thu: 4 pm-midnight
Fri: 4 pm-2 am
Sat: 4 pm-2 am

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