Big Star

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Nick DiFonzo

Think summer camp, but add booze and more rowdiness and you've got a decent impression of Big Star.  This awesome new bar has stolen the hearts of some of the most notorious bar hoppers in town, namely bartenders.  Seeing a bartender on the receiving side of the bar is standard practice here.  We've spied our barkeeps from Beavers and their crew of bartender friends—they've made Big star their hangout of choice.  The outdoor area is really the heart of the place, packed with with picnic benches and bodies.  It feels like stepping into eternal summer, from the guy chilling with his puppy to the girls hanging out on top of the Lone Star pile, Big Star has the stuff nostalgic teenage dreams are made of.

Watching your wallet? At Big Star the top-shelf stuff sells at well prices.


Big Star
1005 W. 19th St.
Houston, TX 77008


Sun: 4 pm-2 am
Mon: 4 pm-2 am
Tue: 4 pm-2 am
Wed: 4 pm-2 am
Thu: 4 pm-2 am
Fri: 4 pm-2 am
Sat: 4 pm-2 am

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