This Greek coffee establishment is a haven for conversation. Or just sit alone and read a magazine while sipping a cup of coffee or delving into a bowl of Fage yogurt smothered in honey. Situated in a charming old home, Agora offers a respite from the often chaotic atmosphere of urban lower Westheimer. There's a great coffee selection and wonderful teas, also wine, beer and Jones soda. The awesome and super-eclectic jukebox sets a more social mood downstairs. Or climb the precarious staircase to find perfect studying corners with a view of all the action. Patios, tucked away from the sun amid lush greenery, manage to stay pleasant even on the hottest summer days.

Open until 2 a.m.-- this is the perfect spot to go for late-night work, catching up with an old friend or discovering a new craft beer. 


1712 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77098


Sun: 9 am-2 am
Mon: 9 am-2 am
Tue: 9 am-2 am
Wed: 9 am-2 am
Thu: 9 am-2 am
Fri: 9 am-2 am
Sat: 9 am-2 am

Good to Know

  • TVs
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Patio/Outdoor Dining