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Rebecca Briscoe
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Houston Style magazine national entertainment reporter Rebecca Briscoe always manages to stand out with her eclectic style. "One day it may be edgy chic, and the next may be soft and elegant. It simply depends on the event I am going to," she explained in an email. For the first night of Fashion Houston last month, Briscoe went for an edgy look with a floral print Roberto Cavalli blouse and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots, both from Bluefly, and a pair of leather leggings she picked up at H&M in New York. The earrings were made for her by up-and-coming Houston jewelry designer Chandrea Bass.  Though she looked put-together, Briscoe admitted she didn't give the ensemble a lot of thought. "I picked the look honestly because the boots, blouse and pants were gathering dust," she said.


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