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Dressing for the HCC Passion for Fashion luncheon at Hotel ZaZa presented something of fashion challenge for the style conscious woman. After all, Houston fashion icon Diane Lokey Farb was being honored as the ultimate best dressed woman in town. One simply had to dress up. For this task, Patti Murphy selected a black and white checkerboard sheath from Geo Guerreri, a designer new to the new Tootsies.

The day turned out to be chillier than expected so Patti topped the sleeveless number with a white Dolce & Gabbana coat from Neiman Marcus. "It's one of the staples of my wardrobe, especially this time of year," she said. Her boots were Sergio Rossi, also from Neiman's. She accented the outfit with a red patent leather bag from Versace.

The outfit epitomizes what Patti says is her personal style. "The more I think about it, I am definitely classic with a twist of trendy. I like to mix it up at little. I especially love classic evening wear." 


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