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Jennifer Stein, Elizabeth King
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Photo by Michelle Watson

The invitation to the Billy GIbbons/Stewart Skloss launch party of Pura Vida Tequila at TQLA called for "festive" attire and for these two glam factors, that meant heavy on the basic black.

Freelance writer (children's books, screen plays, etc.) Jennifer Stein, left, chose a Zac Posen dress, a wardrobe staple for her, topped with a silver feathered belt and accessorized with Louboutin boots from Saks Fifth Avenue. "I always wear black tights in the winter. My legs are so white. The tights are a must," she said. Stein calls this ensemble a go-to outfit particularly when needing to make a quick fashion selection.

Elizabeth King went high and low label-wise for the tequilla tasting party. Her gold, sequinned top was a fun find on line at J. Crew (it's also in the stores right now). She paired it with a skirt from Prada and basic black boots that she picked up at Nordstrom. It was a last-minute invitation for the recently-divorced mom so she had to decide quickly on a fashion choice. "I didn't want to be too dressy but I wanted a little sparkle," she explained.

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