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Ed Jones
River Oaks Country Club
News_Style File_Ed Jones_April 2012
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At last year's River Oaks tennis tournament luncheon, investment banker Ed Jones was one hot dude. But not that way. He was sweltering in his wool suit while so many of the other gents stepping out for this primarily ladies event kept cool in seersucker.

A quick study when it comes to fashion, this year, Jones wore a bespoke seersucker that he had made at Brooks Brothers. And on this hot and sticky day, he was one cool dude. Very dapper. The ladies  approved.

"Seersucker is absolutely the best thing to wear on a day like this for anyone. Well, for men," he said.

He accessorized his pink-striped suit with a tie from Hermès and a sun hat that he had picked up in St. Bart's. His brown shoes were by Allen Edmonds.


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