Duyen Huynh
News Shelby Style File Duyen Huynh April 2013
Photo by Jenny Antill

No one stole the fashion thunder more than Duyen Huynh at the Asia Society Texas Center "Tiger Ball," where the attire was black-tie or native dress. Amid the sea of Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and designer dressing, she alone captured all attention.

What was it? While her wine-colored body-hugging gown by Emilio Pucci and Prada shoes (both finds at Bergdorf Goodman) were striking enough, it was the over-sized cherries headpiece by London-based hat designer Piers Atkinson that caused the fashion flurry. She found the dramatic piece at Laboratoria, Tatiana Massey's uber chic boutique on Westheimer.

What was this willowy beauty thinking? "To me at the time, this cherries headpiece is an artwork itself, but this one is even better that I can actually sport it on my head," she emailed, explaining, "The Tiger Ball is all about art and culture, so I thought about this cherries headpiece." 


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