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Aida Ali
Aida Ali, Style File, Avis Frank Gallery, August 2012
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Photo by Clifford Pugh

A Saturday night ensemble often needs to work for several different occasions. So when Aida Ali planned to hit several art openings, ending the evening with drinks with friends on one recent weekend night, she chose this dress that has a bit of a rocker feel and was hip enough to stand out at the opening of the Patrick Renner exhibition at Avis Frank Gallery.

Ali said she bought the dress at a huge Zara store located in the Xanadu shopping complex in Madrid while traveling overseas this summer, and picked up the Steve Madden multi-colored pumps at a nearby store in the mall.

She likes the design of the dress but also the fact that the light fabric works well in the Houston heat. "When it's hot and stuffy, it keeps me cool," she said. "It's great for a cocktail party outdoors." Or a crowded art opening when the temperatures are high.


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