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Lyudmyla McCollum
020, Mixers on the Map, Hotel ZaZa, January 2013, Style File, Lyudmyla McCollum
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We knew there was a good reason that Lyudmyla (Lucy) McCollum stood out in the crowd of after-work revelers that poured into Hotel ZaZa for the CultureMap Mixer on the Map. There was something exotic and different about her appearance.

Lucy hails from the Ukraine and loves the European styling of the things she finds there when returning to visit family. "The clothing style in Europe is a little different than here. That's why every time I go there, I spend most of my time shopping," she says.

Her dress is by French designer Marta Vladi and the shoes are by Luciano Carvari — two labels she says she hasn't seen in the U.S.

By day, Lucy works as a chemical engineer at Fluor.


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