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5KRunDead Zombie Run

Runners will endure a 5K run through a zombie-infested course. Runners will have flags that represent their health. Zombies will try to steal those flags. Runners must make it to the finish line wi

Scary Halloween Makeup

Get your Halloween face on: Houston salons offer scary good makeup transformations

By Heather Staible

Creating a fantastical fairy or blood-drained zombie for Halloween always looks so easy from the directions on the back of a makeup package. In just a few steps, you too will transform into the cha ...

Zombies Attack Houston

Zombie nuts take over Houston as Walking Dead comes to life — with plenty of gross gore

By Josh Pherigo

The worst thing about apocalyptic zombie outbreaks is that they always seem to spring up at the most inconvenient times. Like when you're on a super important conference call, or at senior ...

Mondo Cinema

This weekend's alternative film lineup, from Hollywood cultists to Bollywood zombies

By Joe Leydon

What's that, fellow movie buff? You claim the pickings are slim this weekend at theaters and drive-ins near you? You say you want something more substantial — or at least less predictable ...


Zombies in love: Warm Bodies is unlike any romantic comedy you've ever seen

By Alex Bentley

If you’re going to make a zombie-centric movie at this point, you’d better have something special. Straight-up horror movies are a dime a dozen — and now outdone by TV's  ...

Starring Texas!

The craziest thing about Comicpalooza? Weird people watching & ghost hunters cede to serious networking

By Cynthia Neely

Whoo hoo! I just had a two-day blast at the George R. Brown Convention Center meeting some of the most unique, talented — and yes, sometimes weird — people on the planet. Comicpaloo ...

Be Afraid, very afraid

Close Encounters of the Zombie Kind: Three near-misses in one day in west Houston

By Cynthia Neely

Truth is often stranger than fiction and I swear every word of this is true. By lunch time on Halloween I had run into three zombies.  In broad daylight! Mind you, these weren’t ...

Night of the Living Dead

Move over sparkly vampires, zombies are reclaiming the supernatural throne

By Minh Vu

These days, it seems vampires are taking a back seat in pop culture. It appears the days of sparkling nightwalkers can thankfully be put behind us. In their place, zombies are coming back in full f ...

Why everyone else is leaving town

A proud nerd's guide to Comicpalooza: Zombie love, Twilight hate, Star Trek babes & Edward James Olmos rule

By Brandi Lalanne

Comicpalooza’s fourth year has been dubbed the “Year of the Zombie” and for good reason. It already started off with a Zombie Pub Crawl last weekend and is continuing this Friday ...

Food for Thought

Halloween eats: Forget candy, how about some yummy, gourmet brains!

By Marene Gustin

Looking for a ghoulish dish for Halloween? When it comes to horror food you’ve got some choices. But we’re going to disqualify Team Vamp, because drinking blood doesn’t really ...

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)