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Writespace Workshop: "The Secrets of Creating Suspense"

So much of creating suspense and terror is dependent upon making a reader invest in characters, in their dilemmas and in their outcome. In this three-hour workshop, guests will work on leading read

Writespace Workshop: "Setting: Using Place to Your Advantage"

In the rush to uncover our characters' motives, sketch out the emotional arc of a story or simply write from one end of a poem to the other, the setting can sometimes receive short shrift. Sett

Writespace Workshop: "Character Development: Pushing the Story Forward"

Everyone has something they want—to find a lost dog, to snag the jewels from a bank heist, to attract a romantic partner — but the reasons behind these desires are complex, suggesting o

Writespace Workshop: "Revision Made Simple"

Revision is often held up as the key to good writing. But rarely does an author or editor walk you through concrete strategies for how to revise. There are, however, some real steps one can learn.

Writespace Workshop: "Crafting Effective Prose"

All stories requires fascinating characters and a compelling plot to be successful. But how do we reveal those characters and stories? Movies get images, music and sound. Comic books get art and wr

Writespace Workshop: "Creative Writing 101"

Ever have the urge to document some aspect of the world around you for posterity, or simply for yourself? Ever wonder how to put together a story, or felt overwhelmed by the prospect of doing so? C

Unity of Houston Workshop: "The Turning Point: Real Solutions in the Real World" by Gregg Braden

In this fast-paced multimedia workshop, bestselling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden goes beyond mainstream thinking to identify the converging cycles of climate, war, peak energy and pe

Unity of Houston Workshop: "The Healing Power of Real Love" with Dr. Greg Baer

What we all need most is to be loved, but not just any kind of love will do. We need to be loved unconditionally — without doing anything to earn it. Greg Baer, author and teacher, will discu

Writespace Workshop: "Being Bad Has Never Been So Good: How to Create Awesome Antagonists" with Marian Szczepanski

Think Iago. Think Scrooge (before the ghosts arrived). Think Mephistopheles and Dr. Moriarty and Voldemort. Without question, they stir things up. They lie and lust and lead the good guys (and girl

Writespace Workshop: "How to Find an Agent" with Joy Preble

For those serious about publishing a novel with a traditional press, the next step after writing a polished manuscript is to find a literary agent. This two-hour workshop will break down the often

157 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 16
Refine By:   Events (146)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)

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