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Nondairy Goes Mainstream

New kind of ice cream in four flavors gets a taste test in Houston as summer alternative

By Teresa Gubbins

Blue Bunny, one of the nation's biggest ice cream makers, is testing a line of nondairy vegan ice cream in five cities, and Dallas and Houston are on the list. The line includes f ...

Another Montrose Closing

Jinxed location? Radical restaurant joins sudden Montrose-area closings as owner plans surf vacation

By Eric Sandler

The curse of 507 Westheimer strikes again. Less than two years after moving from cramped quarters on the near northside to a substantial location in Montrose, vegetarian-oriented, Tex-Mex rest ...

Innovators in Food

A nutty idea: Houston duo touts tasty gluten-free products made from acorn seeds

By Eric Sandler

For a certain segment of the dining public, foods that are both vegan and gluten free are necessary for medically-necessary dietary reasons. Many more people are trying to minimize their gluten int ...

Veggie News

Salata goes vegan: Popular Houston salad bar chain adds three new alternatives to meat

By Teresa Gubbins

Jumping on the increasingly popular vegan bandwagon, salad chain Salata has added three new vegan proteins to the menu at all of its 40 locations: quinoa, falafel and tofu. They are a permanent par ...

Fast Food Chronicles

Chipotle finally brings its vegan sensation to Texas: New menu item a hit in New York

By Teresa Gubbins

The Sofritas are here, the Sofritas are here. Chipotle Mexican Grill has settled on a date to introduce its new vegan Sofritas menu options across the South: Oct. 13. Sofritas is organic shredd ...

Non-Dairy News

New non-dairy treats like candy corn dessert bars offer cool alternatives

By Teresa Gubbins

Those who shun dairy are about to get some novelty treats that go beyond plain old vanilla soy ice cream into cool seasonal goodies. Meanwhile, big companies like Starbucks and Dunkin' Don ...

Healthy Vacationing

Raw food weekend getaway with Houston chef promises path to healthier lifestyle

By Diana Oates

After a summer of indulgence, we could all stand to get back on track with our healthy habits. But one Texas resort hopes to take it one step further, offering inspiration and instruction to those ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — food festivals included

By Joel Luks

On tap this week is a frisky fruit festival, a Budapest-style anniversary dinner with Yankee flair, a celebration of cruelty-free living, a hilarious play that takes on a serious subject and films ...

VegFest Houston 2014 Vegan Community Festival

The event will feature vegan food vendors, guest speakers, educational films, food demos, booths for exhibitors and nonprofits, live music and an outdoor kids zone with fun activities for children.

World Changing Stuff

Fast food shocker: Chipotle is making a rare menu change for Texas

By Teresa Gubbins

In today's thrilling vegan news, Chipotle is adding a tofu option to its permanent national menu, to be available in its Texas restaurants later in 2014, possibly by the end of spring. The comp ...

81 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 9
Refine By:   Events (9)   Lists (0)   News (72)   Places (0)
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