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Hometown Glory

Love City: Houston deemed the No. 1 city in America for young couples in new study

By Diana Oates

Financial website Credit Donkey is really stroking Texas' ego with its recent study on the best cities for young couples. According to the survey, the daunting tasks of buying your first h ...

Hometown Glory

Youth town: Houston named one of top cities in U.S. for twentysomethings, put up there with Austin

By Elizabeth Rhodes

With a powerhouse food, art and bar scene, it's no surprise that a new study by has determined Houston is one of the nation's Top 10 cities for people in their twenties. ...

We Built This City

We work hard for our money: Houstonians put in more hours of labor per week than anyone

By Claire St. Amant

It's no secret that Texans have a lot of pride, but we're more than just talk. A new survey says the Lone Star State is home to five of the hardest working cities in America. To compile ...

Homestate Glory

And still champion . . . Texas named Best State for Business for the ninth year in a row

By Claire St. Amant

We don't mean to brag, but Texas has a lot going for it. OK, maybe we'll just brag a little bit. For the ninth year in a row, Texas has been named the Best State for Business by Chief ...

Where the people are

Fewer taxes, cheaper homes and lower unemployment: Of course Californians want to live in Texas

By Claire St. Amant

There's been a lot of back-and-forth between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and California Gov. Jerry Brown about whose state is better for business. But real estate website added a new layer ...

Frightening New Numbers

Graduating from college? Don't expect a job — 53 percent of grads under 25 are out of work

By Whitney Radley

Most recent college graduates have seen the grim front-lines of the employment search in a down-turned economy — if not from personal experience, then from that of friends or family members. ...

One unnamed demand

Is Occupy Wall Street about protests or pizza? Group gets a bad name, but the issues are real

By Whitney Radley

Forces of nonviolent protestors have been occupying Wall Street since Sept. 17th, but the mainstream media was largely incognizant — or just plain negligent — until this week. The t ...


Forget hope, the 2012 presidential race is about math — and on math, both Perry & Romney kill Obama

By Jeremy C. Little, Mary Jo Jacobi Jephson

Editor’s Note: Mary Jo Jacobi Jephson served in the Administration of President Ronald Reagan as special assistant to the president and as a member the President’s Advisory Committ ...

Hometown Glory

"Texas Miracle" hailed: Half of the jobs created in America since 2009 are in the Lone Star State

By Sarah Rufca

It's not everyday that you hear good financial news, but in Texas the news is better than most. That's especially true after recent numbers released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dalla ...

Hometown Glory

Houston ranked the fifth-best city in the country for college grads: Which Texas locale is even higher?

By Caroline Gallay

The Daily Beast released a ranking Thursday of the top 25 cities for recent college graduates. Houston ranked a No. 5 on the list, which included five Texas cities, but was outdone by Austin at ...

14 Results. Showing to
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