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Dramatic Park Revamping

More than 14,000 new trees are transforming a vital Houston park: $50-million-plus project's uber green

By Shelby Hodge

The uber-greening of Buffalo Bayou Park is running in high gear these days as work crews and volunteers rush to complete the addition of 14,000 native trees and an untold number of plants ...

No Kirby Oaks?

Don't call it Kirby Oaks: Tree killer pays hefty penalty but other legal cut-downs continue

By Barbara Kuntz

When are some Houstonians going to learn they can't just cut down trees, especially those of certain varieties and, even then, without a permit? The good news for those who believe a l ...

Trees Illegally Butchered

Beautiful oak trees illegally butchered in fast food restaurant renovation: City tree lovers fighting mad

By Barbara Kuntz

The recent illegal chopping down of a half-dozen 20-year-old live oak trees under the cover of darkness at the Wendy's on Kirby Drive is getting serious attention from city officials. In fa ...

Real Estate Rumblings

New 30-story, high-rise to save historic oak trees — and Becks Prime: Old apartments in danger though

By Barbara Kuntz

Tree huggers have reason to celebrate. But residents of a low-key apartment complex that dates back to 1949 may not be so thrilled. A local developer is taking extra steps to save a rich canopy ...

Perfect Place For Chillin'

Signature Houston park gets a new feature that highlights ancient oak trees: A perfect perch for chilling

By Shelby Hodge

Recent visitors to Discovery Green have been oohing and aahing over the new 4,700 square foot deck that provides an elevated perch for park-goers. The century-old live oaks lining the Brown Pr ...

Gardening lecture: "Growing Tropical Trees" by Dianne Norman

Did you know that avocado, mango, papaya and other tropical fruit trees grow in Houston? Join for a talk on tropical trees and their care. Learn the best varieties for the Houston area. Questions a

Lecture: "Bareroot Fruit Trees & Care"

Dianne Norman will discuss best varieties, how to care, prune and plant fruit trees and other bareroot plants. She will also talk about chill hours and how it affects fruit trees. Some trees will n

Tree Killers Targeted

Tree killers targeted by Mayor Parker: Houston's own Lorax hits developers with major fines

By Tyler Rudick

Like the Lorax before her, mayor Annise Parker speaks for the trees . . . As area real estate continues to thrive, the City of Houston remains dead set on protecting trees and foliage growing o ...

A Blue Trees Shocker

Money does grow on blue trees: Houston's striking canopy is handing out major cash

By Allegra Fradkin

In March, artist Konstantin Dimopoulos and an army of volunteers declared their appreciation for arboriculture through a public art installation that applied a new hue to two patches of trees ...

Setting up Houston's future?

A $556 million bus transit plan: Widening of Post Oak touted, but critics wonder who will ride

By Whitney Radley

The City of Houston's revealed a plan to reduce traffic congestion in Uptown and replenish Memorial Park's canopy in one fell swoop.  Mayor Annise Parker dished on the details, whi ...

47 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (16)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (0)
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