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Shiner for Shine

Hip Texas barbershop touts virtures of washing your hair with Shiner Bock beer

By Nicole Raney

Summertime means frequent trips to the pool, and the harshness of chlorine and sun can really dry out your 'do. To restore softness and shine to your hair, Austin-based Birds Barbershop ha ...

Tattered Jeans

How tipping nice changes lives in big and small ways: This ex-waitress has never forgotten her kind tippers

By Katie Oxford

Being a waitress isn’t easy. I know from experience. Once, I spilled coffee on a woman who’d decided to leave her coat on at the table. Mink. I was mortified. She, thankfully, was kind. ...

Restaurant Weeks' Tipping Debate

Houston Restaurant Weeks' tipping debate: And why most waitresses & waiters love the event (no, really)

By Marene Gustin

So how many restaurants have you sampled this month? Houston Restaurant Weeks is in full swing. One of the greatest things to happen on the Houston dining scene, this fundraiser allows folks to ...

Restaurant Horror Stories

Restaurant service horror stories and how one West Ave hot spot makes up for a bad waiter

By Marene Gustin

In all my years of eating out, thousands of times, hundreds of restaurants, the single worst experience was one I had at a Houston restaurant last year. And no, I’m not going to say which ...

Food for Thought

Don't be the restaurant jerk: Commandments every waiter, waitress and diner should know

By Marene Gustin

So I'm sitting in this little cafe in San Marcos, Texas one afternoon reading the want ads in the local paper when a fairly young guy approaches me and asks if he can sit. Sure. Then he ...

All over $6.29

No God tip Applebee's fallout intensifies: No winners in snarky pastor-waitress check collision

By Tyler Rudick

A St. Louis religious leader was not "Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood" after her snarky, tip-less receipt from Applebee's was posted on Reddit . . . and then the Smoking Gun, ...

Put up your dukes

Houston waiter denies he challenged no-tip customer to a fight: Restaurant gets global backlash

By Tyler Rudick

A heated Reddit post has unleashed a barrage of prank phone calls and angry emails upon the proprietors of TQLA, the Washington Avenue restaurant known for its unique take on Southwe ...

Food for Thought

Being a waiter is a better job than you think: Average salary of $49,000 a year in Houston

By Marene Gustin

I eat in restaurants. I write about them. And I actually worked at one during college. One day I was sitting in a coffee house in San Marcos, circling want adds, when this young guy came up to ...

8 Results. Showing to
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