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Forget hope, the 2012 presidential race is about math — and on math, both Perry & Romney kill Obama

By Jeremy C. Little, Mary Jo Jacobi Jephson

Editor’s Note: Mary Jo Jacobi Jephson served in the Administration of President Ronald Reagan as special assistant to the president and as a member the President’s Advisory Committ ...

State of retirement

If you're old and rich, stay away from Texas, magazine says

By Sarah Byerley

It's often advisable to flock to the income-tax-free state of Texas throughout a lucrative career, but the same may not be true for those on the verge of retirement. Kiplinger has compiled ...

Diary of an Aspiring Filmmaker

A hobby or a business? Arizona judge's ruling threatens documentary filmmakers

By Ford Gunter

Editor's note: Ford Gunter periodically chronicles his journey in making his first film, Art Car: The Movie. In his latest column, he explores the latest threat against documentary filmmakers. ...

A Web of Difference From the '90s

Why the Internet could make the government shutdown meaningless to most Americans

By Sarah Rufca

In case you haven't heard, the nineties are totally back. So grab your beanie babies and your roller blades, turn on 90210 (the original, not the new version with the vapid twig monsters) and g ...

Killin' Your Buzz

Why are people still excited over a tax deadline extension in the year 2011?

By Caroline Gallay

HAYYY YOU GUYS! You got a tax extension. This year, tax day (April 15, if you're a mess) falls on Emancipation Day, which is observed in the District of Columbia. By law, D.C. holidays affe ...

Die another Day

Heights Walmart vote delayed by City Council: Will the city pay the developer's legal fees too?

By Caroline Gallay

The proposed 380 agreement between the city of Houston and Heights Walmart project developer Ainbinder that was up for a vote in today's city council meeting has been delayed. Council membe ...

back-to-school bash

Could the sales tax-free weekend soon include computers? Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis makes a push

By Steven Thomson

In a shopping statement, Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis spoke at Macy's historic downtown location on Monday to promote the upcoming sales tax holiday, one that Ellis hopes will be seen as a ...

No easy resale

How much does a free house cost? The Extreme Makeover Houston family faces tax realities that go beyond TV dreams

By Peter Barnes

Want a free yacht? I know where you can get one. Seriously. Sailboats that once sold for six figures now bob abandoned along the Intracoastal Waterway like sun-cracked mooring buoys. Hulking go ...

Our astronaut, our shuttle?

Charles Bolden gives Houston a huge edge in the decrepit old space shuttle race

By Caroline Gallay

Much fuss has been made about the "stiff" competition for the two remaining space shuttles set to be retired by NASA this year. The Discovery is headed to the Smithsonian, which leave ...

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (9)   Places (0)
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