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A suicide jumper at Buc-ee's?

A suicide jumper at Buc-ee's? Woman leaps from giant gas station's roof after refusing pleas to stop

By Whitney Radley

Lake Jackson-based Buc-ee's is highly regarded by travelers for its clean restrooms, cheeky slogans and impossibly addictive "Beaver Nuggets," but the most recent news from ...

Letters From Jail

Texas A&M suicide professor's blackmailer begs for mercy, says his brain is "broken"

By Tyler Rudick

While the mysterious suicide of professor James Aune sent shock waves across the Texas A&M University campus, no Aggies were prepared for the bizarre tale of sex and extortion th ...

Extra crisis volunteers required

Is the Super Bowl actually the worst day of the year? It's domestic violence's biggest event day too

By Whitney Radley

For some, Super Bowl XLVII festivities will be filled with fun and games, trash talking and commercial watching and unapologetic junk food snacking — but for others, it will be a time of pers ...

RIP Daniel Kayne

Noted Houston artist commits suicide by hanging: Found dead in his Temple studio

By Tyler Rudick

The Houston art world is mourning the loss of performance artist Daniel Kayne, who was found dead in his studio at 2300 McKinney on Monday — the victim of an apparent suicide by hanging. ...

Tragedies of Sex

The Rape of Lucretia throws a challenging, controversial test at the Houston Grand Opera

By Joseph Campana

We love to watch a fallen woman fall. What about a rape? A suicide? Challenges abound with Houston Grand Opera's ambitious new production of Benjamin Britten's 1946 The Rape of Lucretia ...

Houston, stranger than fiction

Tales of suicide, sexual and emotional abuse in River Oaks make this book a sellout

By Shelby Hodge

Attorney Michael Phillips won't win any writing awards for his compelling, self-published Monster in River Oaks. But if there is a movie producer in the room, Phillips will surely score the big ...

More than 100 pills

Tim Gunn and Houston's own Trey Speegle take gay teen suicide to task

By Steven Thomson

The gay rights community applauded Tim Gunn when the Bravo reality TV star and former teacher at Parsons' fashion design school released a video on YouTube expressing support for struggling gay ...

Another ambulance ride

Did Jennifer Capriati try an Erica Blasberg? Former tennis prodigy's overdose leaves plenty of questions

By Chris Baldwin

Erica Blasberg always reminded me a little of Jennifer Capriati. Having interviewed both Blasberg and Capriati in their respective playing primes nearly a decade apart, I couldn't help but root ...

The creep in the picture

What would Joe DiMaggio think of the fuss over the one Marilyn Monroe-JFK photo?

By Chris Baldwin

The only known existing photograph that shows Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy together was made public today, creating a renewed national firestorm of buzz over the relationship between two ...

Another child actor down

Gary Coleman's short life ends: Different Strokes takes its second victim

By Chris Baldwin

Gary Coleman ended up living too short — dying today in a Utah hospital at age 42. The official cause of death is a brain hemorrhage, but Coleman — still best known as the 10-year-old c ...

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)

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