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Strip Club Tipping Drama

No tipping the strippers! Galveston targets generous strip club customers, threatens them with jail time

By Elizabeth Rhodes

City leaders in Galveston are considering a ban against tipping strippers as part of a crack down on sexually oriented businesses. If approved, the more than 50-page proposed ordinance would lead t ...

She's a Belieber

Justin Bieber's wild Houston weekend reportedly includes strip club visit

By Clifford Pugh

At age 19, Justin Bieber isn't old enough to drink alcohol, but the pop superstar apparently can get into strip clubs. According to multiple reports racing across the Internet, Bieber and b ...

Crazy Strip Club Bill

Strip club deadbeat? Bank exec racks up a $321,000 bill with Galleria strippers, refuses to pay

By Tyler Rudick

James Beckman had himself a hell of a time partying at a Galleria-area gentleman's club this summer . . . and now there's the matter of the bill. The Privilege club on Westheimer&n ...

Labor day tragedy

Freeport hip hop artist gunned down outside strip club; police search for suspects

By Tyler Rudick

The local hip hop scene is mourning the loss of a rising young star who was gunned down outside a Galleria-area gentlemen's club early Sunday. The Houston Police Department reports Jer ...

Stripper Crime

Teen stripper killed a break dancing legend: Horrific police chase DUI crash takes another strange turn

By Julia Davila

Houston's B-Boy (break dancing) community is mourning one of its own. It turns out that the 29-year-old killed when 18-year-old stripper Dalia Iris Alfaro ran from the police and cras ...

Drunk Stripper Tragedy

18-year-old stripper leaves a Houston strip club allegedly drunk, kills a man in police chase

By Tyler Rudick

An 18-year-old stripper at the Sin City gentleman's club has been charged with murder and intoxicated manslaughter following a dramatic west side crash that left one man dead. The Hous ...

Stripper Mayhem Brings Arrests

Fully naked strippers, cocaine and gun bust not stopping this H-Town club: Fetish parties on

By Tyler Rudick

Club Fetish had some surprise guests early Wednesday morning as two dozen Houston police officers stormed the Galleria-area "gentleman's sports bar" for not securing proper ...

About those AK-47s

The craziest strip club excuse story ever: Man blows $1,000 on lap dances, ends up in jail

By Tyler Rudick

Down in the Valley, law enforcement is none too happy with 21-year-old Jesus Mata this week. Mata was in tears early Wednesday morning as he told officers at the La Feria po ...

This economy's tough

Strippers fight over a $1 tip as Texas erotic dancer mayhem moves to the heartland

By Tyler Rudick

While the economy appears to be recovering, the upswing is not happening fast enough for the small Wisconsin town of Juneau. Two female exotic dancers there are making national news &mdash ...

At the Red Roof Inn

A stripper, a bouncer and an angry ex-boyfriend add up to a bizarre shotgun incident

By Tyler Rudick

Houston police and one unfortunate bystander were caught up in a recent incident that, for all intents and purposes, reads like something from a Depression-era joke book.  A nightclub boun ...

22 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (22)   Places (0)

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