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Look Up!

A massive meteor leaves quite an impression in Texas: Talk about your shock and awe

By Teresa Gubbins

What looks to have been a spectacular meteor was spotted by people across Texas earlier this month. Many described it as the biggest they'd seen of its kind. A long, very bright, sligh ...

To the Exomoon and Back

Texas physicists discover a new way to search for life in outer space

By Claire St. Amant

Although the concept of colonizing the Earth's moon has fallen out of fashion, the search for life beyond our planet is still very much in vogue. Scientists with the University of Texas at Arli ...

Snoopy's Not Pleased

The ultimate tribute? Houston company lets you launch your dead pets into outer space

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Soon there will be a new way to honor your four-legged friends once they've passed on and it's truly out of this world. Celestis, Inc., a Houston-based company that pioneered post-crema ...

Spaced Out

Houston from outer space: Astronaut in orbit shoots a stunning video of stormy Bayou City

By Ellen Goodacre

Houstonians on the ground may have been a bit perturbed by all of the rain and scattered thunderstorms last week. But maybe all they needed was a little perspective. Maryland astronaut Reid Wis ...

Red Planet Drama

Mysterious Mars lights cover up? UFO enthusiasts not buying NASA's sudden rush to explain phenomenon

By Tyler Rudick

NASA hasn't had a week like this since Viking 1 photographed the so-called "Face on Mars" . . . A mysterious beam of light spotted by the Mars Curiosity rover has UFO enthusiasts ...

Stellar Space Thriller

Sandra Bullock out acts George Clooney in the stunning Gravity, the rare movie with real magic

By Alex Bentley

As a film critic, I’m seldom surprised by what any particular movie throws my way. Having seen thousands of movies, it’s rare that a film truly offers something new. When one does, I ...

Space Doll

Mars Barbie puts NASA in the toy business: Pink in space?

By Marika Rafte

An unlikely duo has come together to make a toy that’s out of this world. Mattel and NASA have launched a Mars Explorer Barbie. The doll's been released to coincide with the one- ...

Space City Snubbed

Name Houston's fake space shuttle!? Consolation prize now touted by a snubbed Space City

By Whitney Radley

Undeterred by getting snubbed in the space shuttle shuffle, Space Center Houston — the official visitor center of Johnson Space Center — received a high-fidelity shuttle ...

Pix of the day

The most stunning Supermoon pictures: It's just bigger in Texas

By Barbara Kuntz, Tyler Rudick

Sky-gazers across Texas snapped shots of the supermoon this weekend, when our lunar neighbor appeared roughly 13.5 percent larger that usual. And how does this all happen, you may ask ...

Historic Space Auction

Crazy astronaut swag hits the auction block, prompts moon questions and sunglass fever

By Whitney Radley

Bits of history are going, going, gone in an online auction held by Bonhams' New York auction house. The company calls the Space History Sale "some of the very best space history mate ...

31 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (28)   Places (0)
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