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Dating Truths

New dating survey shocks traditionalists: It's all about sexy seflies and women's wandering eyes

By Diana Oates

Dating giant has come out with its fourth annual singles survey, and boy is it thorough. With data from than 5,000 singles in the United States, chief scientific advisor Dr. Hel ...

Party All the Time

New alcohol science: Drinkers live longer, engage in more sex and love the night

By Jonathan Rienstra

If you found yourself downing glass after glass of wine during a holiday party to the judgmental stares of some teetotaler that somehow snuck in, take solace in the fact that you will likely outliv ...

Internet Crime

Fake Craigslist sex ad lands a woman in jail: Perp wanted revenge on her husband's lover

By Tyler Rudick

A Harris County woman faces fines and possible jail time this week for impersonating her estranged husband's girlfriend . . . and posting an online ad encouraging random guys to come to her hom ...

Not Porn, Dang it

Sex preacher? A controversial Richmond billboard is nothing but bait-and-switch shenanigans

By Joel Luks

A new billboard adjacent to Highway 59 in Richmond is turning heads, raising eye brows (amid other body parts) and pressing drivers to do a double take. The message reads loud and clear in larg ...

QFest screening

Houston-born filmmaker's sexually explicit Fourplay is really about human intimacy

By Joel Luks

When the opening credits roll away from an innocuous slideshow of classic sketches that study the finer details of human anatomy and onto images of transsexual nuns with erect penises, Japanese org ...

Only in Texas

Texas jury acquits man who shot and killed Craigslist escort after she refused sex

By Claire St. Amant

It's not every day that a Texas trial garners attention on Gawker, but this is no ordinary crime. A jury in Bexar County has acquitted a man who admits to shooting a Craigslist escort near San ...

Things You Can't Unsee

Michael Douglas isn't giving up oral sex even if it gave him cancer: He's not going down with a fight

By Allegra Fradkin

This week in unsavory mental image news: Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, in all his infinite medical wisdom, attributed his bout with throat cancer not to a lifetime of drinking and smoking b ...

Restaurant Wars

A breastaurant tycoon's stroke of genius: Strange move puts rivals Twin Peaks, Hooters on edge

By Tyler Rudick

The federal government's made a landmark decision, one that's likely to change the nation's culinary landscape forever. Doug Guller — owner of the Austin-based Bikinis Sp ...

Art Shocker

Gary Tinterow lures his celebrity pals to MFAH, including close confidant . . . Dr. Ruth

By Tyler Rudick

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston director Gary Tinterow will be hosting a new on-stage conversation series starring an impressive — and rather surprising — lineup of cultural figures. ...

If the office is a rockin' . . .

A staggering percentage of people admit to having sex at work: How clean is your desk?

By Tyler Rudick

Sorry in advance for making everyone's workday a little weirder. In an attempt to shed light on the secret world of interoffice romance, career website Glassdoor intervi ...

36 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (36)   Places (0)

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