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Houston Early Music presents The Rose Ensemble: Music from the Land of Three Faiths: Voices of Ancient Mediterranean Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Minnesota-based Rose Ensemble returns to Houston, bringing a fascinating exploration of language, spirituality and cultural exchange in the Land of Three Faiths. This entertaining and enlightening

Jay Bakker and Kristen Becker presents Loosen The Bible Belt

Pearl Bar

What happens when you put an evangelical minister and a lesbian comedian together in a van? An event for anyone who believes that love and laughter can change the world. Comedian Kristen Becker

God Talks

Joel Osteen barges into Howard Stern's crude world: Is Lakewood's celebrity pastor up to the challenge?

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Move over Howard Stern. Lakewood Church's own celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is getting his own SiriusXM satellite radio station. Each week Osteen preaches to 40,000 peopl ...

Mondo Cinema

Son of God looks to dominate less pure movies: Roma Downey unapologetic in praising her vision

By Joe Leydon

In the beginning, there was The Bible. And the ratings were miraculous. Indeed, so many folks tuned in to watch the lavishly produced miniseries when it aired last year on the History cable net ...

Funny & Sweet

TV executive and a Houston cop enjoy a dream wedding — donut cake included — that brings two worlds together

By Barbara Kuntz

The recent marriage of Jamie Rose Grossbard and Panagiotis Kopulos brought more than two people in love together: Their pledges as husband and wife gave union to Greek Orthodox, Jewish and Presbyte ...

Lecture: A Tibetan Way Toward Religious Understanding with Alejandro Chaoul

Asia Society Texas Center

Chöd is an ancient Tibetan practice that literally means "to cut." It refers to cutting one's own ego to perceive oneself and the world in a more expansive and inclusive way.

University of St. Thomas Center for Faith and Culture lecture: "New Peripheries for the Church"

Following the February announcement that Pope Benedict XVI would resign from the papacy, Fr. Thomas Rosica assisted the Vatican during a critical period in its history. He continues

High School Twitter Rage

Sexist dating advice from Christian motivational speaker gets the boot from students

By Jonathan Rienstra

Students at Richardson High School near Dallas raised a ruckus when faith-based dating expert and motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo gave a speech on how teenage boys and girls can make sure that ...

Joel Osteen, comedian?

Joel Osteen's hidden comedy is exposed: TV preacher's jokes about Boy Scouts & Popes get their own book

By Tyler Rudick

Running low on zingers about Boy Scouts, Baptists and Beelzebub? Then the new and completely unauthorized Joel Osteen joke book is for you. The Houston televangelist and bestselling a ...

Institute for Spirituality and Health Symposium "Harmony: Spiritual and Cognitive Communion Through Music"

"Harmony: Spirituality and Cognitive Communion Through Music" presents four professionals from diverse intersections of music, spirituality and health who will discuss psychological

58 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (31)   Lists (0)   News (27)   Places (0)
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