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Reality TV Hunk

Houston hunk becomes a Redneck icon on wild reality TV show: It's beer bongs and string bikinis galore

By Barbara Kuntz

A young man left his posh Kingwood enclave recently and hopped on board a pontoon boot crossing a Georgia lake for The New Redneck Island, joining 23 other rowdy contestants for the reality TV ...

Idol Fashion

Ryan Seacrest gets into another surprise new business: Would you let this man dress you?

By Heather Staible

It’s not clear exactly when Ryan Seacrest sleeps, much less has time to design a capsule collection for Macy’s, but the Emmy-winning TV host and producer has done just that with his Rya ...

Let's play doctor

Glam doctors in H-Town: Producers prowl medical center in search of next big reality TV star

By Shelby Hodge

How do you spell stethoscope? That could conceivably be a criteria used by the production company that is currently casting in Houston for a promising reality TV series. Yes, really. Purveyors ...

Babes in Bauble Land

Houston's Bachelor in Paradise reality star launches jewelry collection

By Diana Oates

Dallas' Highland Park Village Theatre was teeming with Texas reality TV stars who came together for a viewing party of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise premiere. The lady of the hour, however, ...

Table Talk

Reality TV star chef wows socialites and a financial heavy hitter in a special business lunch

By Clifford Pugh

It was almost all-business as a group of Houston's social swans, along with a few gents, gathered at Corner Table for a mid-week luncheon hosted by the restaurant's owner Darla Lexingt ...

Foodie News

Struggling Houston bakery gets a reality TV boost — and plenty of Buddy drama

By Eric Sandler

"It was a blessing to me. Grueling but worth it."  So says local bakery owner Myrtle Jackson about her experience on Bakery Rescue, the TLC show where Cake Boss chef Buddy Valast ...

Reality Revealed

Reality TV star returns home to party having found his Voice as Blake Shelton's choice

By Nicole Appleby

With 49,190 likes on Facebook, more than 80,500 Twitter followers and 38,075 Instagram followers — not to mention all that national TV time — 18-year-old country singer Jake W ...

La Porte Dreamer

The real story of Jake Worthington's incredible Voice run: Reality TV star pulls off the ultimate comeback

By Kate Bentsen

Update: Jake Worthington finished as the runner-up on The Voice. Not quite the $100,000 winner, but still quite the rebound from where he'd been. ---------- Talk about a helluva comebac ...

Houston Reality TV Hoax

Houston hair salon embroiled in reality TV hoax: Inside Animal Planet's Bayou City bat problem

By Tyler Rudick

A national TV scandal has hit Houston after producers Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman reality show admit to staging an elaborate bat infestation scene at a Montrose hair salon. As first ...

Reality Revealed

Grocery games: Houston chef wins big money on Guy Fieri's new reality TV show

By Eric Sandler

Most days, Shane Miller can be found at his day job as the area executive chef for Sodexo's Leisure Division crafting new menu items for his two clients, Space Center Houston and the Houston Zo ...

260 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 26
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (260)   Places (0)

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