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Reality Revealed

Reality TV star returns home to party having found his Voice as Blake Shelton's choice

By Nicole Appleby

With 49,190 likes on Facebook, more than 80,500 Twitter followers and 38,075 Instagram followers — not to mention all that national TV time — 18-year-old country singer Jake W ...

La Porte Dreamer

The real story of Jake Worthington's incredible Voice run: Reality TV star pulls off the ultimate comeback

By Kate Bentsen

Update: Jake Worthington finished as the runner-up on The Voice. Not quite the $100,000 winner, but still quite the rebound from where he'd been. ---------- Talk about a helluva comebac ...

Houston Reality TV Hoax

Houston hair salon embroiled in reality TV hoax: Inside Animal Planet's Bayou City bat problem

By Tyler Rudick

A national TV scandal has hit Houston after producers Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman reality show admit to staging an elaborate bat infestation scene at a Montrose hair salon. As first ...

Reality Revealed

Grocery games: Houston chef wins big money on Guy Fieri's new reality TV show

By Eric Sandler

Most days, Shane Miller can be found at his day job as the area executive chef for Sodexo's Leisure Division crafting new menu items for his two clients, Space Center Houston and the Houston Zo ...

Reality Revealed

Duck Dynasty stars descending on Houston: The whole wacky family is coming

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Northland Christian School is bringing six cast members from A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty to Houston for a special event next spring. The event, called “Dynasty Forever,” will ...

Who Wore It Best?

Bitch Stole My Look: Kim Kardashian and a hot Houston model wear same $10,000 designer dress

By Clifford Pugh

On Fashion Police, they often play a game called "Bitch Stole My Look" in which two celebrities are photographed in the same ensemble and the panel and viewers decide who wore it best. We ...

Be the Next Reality TV Star

American Idol auditions in Austin: If you have a good story, you could make the cut

By Ryan Lakich

If you’re an aspiring singer living in Austin, you’ve already spent plenty of late nights performing at bars and open mics just to get your name out there. But if you think you have the ...

Reality Revealed

Racist Texas model gets the Big Brother spotlight: Aaryn Gries is a Lone Star State shame

By Allegra Fradkin

Big Brother contestant and San Marcos native Aaryn Gries is in hot water over the prejudicial, often racially charged remarks she's been making in the TV show's house, many about her f ...

Erica Rose, author?

Reality TV princess Erica Rose is writing a book, vowing to shed her mean girl ways

By Whitney Radley

We've seen neither hide nor hair of Erica Rose in months, but don't think that means Houston's favorite reality star has been idle. In fact, far from it. Rose tells CultureMap ...

A Hometown Girl

Blake Shelton thanks God for a Cypress teen: Judge is awestruck by Danielle Bradbery's Voice

By Marika Rafte

The youngest competitor on NBC's The Voice — Cypress' own Danielle Bradbery — is shooting for the stars and appears to be on the way to making her dreams com ...

254 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 26
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (254)   Places (0)

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