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Let's Do Business

The best places in Texas to start a business are right here: Five Houston-area cities in Top 10

By Jennifer Chininis

It’s good to be an entrepreneur in Texas. But which cities are best to start a business? NerdWallet did a study to find out and discovered that the greater Houston area boasts five of the Top ...

Cheers To This

Texas treasure and two New Orleans landmarks make it on exclusive list of America's best hotel bars

By Lindsey Wilson

Raise a glass to Dallas' Library Bar, which was recently named one of the 30 most iconic hotel bars in America by Business Insider. Holding court in the swanky Warwick Melrose Hotel si ...

Ranking It

New study swears it's good to be a freelancer in Houston: Self-employment income 5th highest in nation

By Jennifer Chininis

According to a new study, Houston is among the best places in the country for independent contractors. Financial site NerdWallet crunched the numbers and determined that Houston is the 12 ...

Homestate Fail

Eco-unfriendly: Texas ranks almost dead last on list of states that care about the environment

By Alex Bentley

Texas may lead the nation in categories such as job growth and affordable housing, but the state is downright pitiful when it comes to eco-friendliness. According to a new study by WalletHub, Texas ...

Homestate Shame

Real estate bummer: Texas property taxes rank among the very highest in America

By Sofia Sokolove

Everything is bigger in Texas — including taxes. Although every homeowner across the country is subject to real estate taxes, it seems Texans owe a lot more than most Americans, according to ...

We Are Bad With Money

State of confusion: Texans are really bad with their money, according to new survey

By Alex Bentley

If you or someone you know is up to his eyeballs in credit card debt, it may not surprise you that a new study by WalletHub has discovered that Texans are among the least financially literate peopl ...

Wise Spenders

Houston named one of America's best-run cities, but survey doesn't look at potholes

By Alex Bentley

Opinions on how well the city of Houston is run by its government may vary depending on your political leanings, but according to a new study done by WalletHub, the Bayou City ranks as one of the b ...

The Economic Divide

Houston is No. 4 most economically segregated city, but we're divided by education, not income

By Nicole Raney

A new report found that four of the top 10 most economically segregated large metro areas (those with populations more than 1 million) in the country are in Texas. Austin claims the top spot, follo ...

Best Dressed Southerners

Houston bar owner and transplanted style blogger make list of Best-Dressed Southerners

By Diana Oates

Lifestyle magazine Southern Living has unleashed it latest listicle, this time honoring the 50 Best-Dressed Southerners. The editors proclaimed that "personal style isn't just about clothe ...

Best Restaurant In Texas

The best restaurant in Texas: Only one pricey spot lands vaunted five-star rating in world travel bible

By Katie Friel

Houston, Austin and Dallas restaurants often land on "best of" lists, but only one Lone Star restaurant has been deemed worthy of five stars by the exclusive Forbes Travel ...

91 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 10
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (91)   Places (0)
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