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Pix of the Day

Priceless photo of laughing Obama and pouty Perry spawns caption contest

By Teresa Gubbins

President Obama's visit to Dallas earlier this week produced a photo showing a scowling Gov. Rick Perry that has become a caption contest across Facebook. The photo from a meeting that ...

Getting Presidential

Barack Obama is roaring into Texas to mingle with Hollywood stars and take over a historic theater

By Ryan Lakich

President Barack Obama is coming to Texas this week for some high profile, big money events. He'll start in Dallas on Wednesday for a fundraising barbecue at the home of prominent attorney ...

Party watch

One of the last black-tie galas of the season honors a cancer-surviving local legend politician

By Shelby Hodge

What: CancerForward's "The New Summer Standard." Where: Houston Country Club. The 411: Gina and Dr. Devinder Bhatia and Millette and Haag Sherman chaired the dinner dance ...


Fake Obama photo meant to "smear" a rival envelops Houston congressman in cloud of controversy

By Tyler Rudick

With his bid for U.S. Senate floundering, outspoken Houston area congressman Steve Stockman was caught red-handed this week after posting a fake picture of Republican rival John Cornyn standing wit ...

Ch, ch, changes

Houston Chronicle shakeup continues: Former first lady joins editorial team; big pay cuts for others

By Clifford Pugh

The ever-changing Houston Chronicle has made a surprising hire: Former Houston first lady Andrea White is joining the editorial staff on a temporary basis that could become permanent. The move ...

What's he smoking?

Gone to pot? Texas Gov. Rick Perry softens stance on marijuana

By Claire St. Amant

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is well-known as a supporter of guns and low taxes, but he's never made headlines for his stance on legalizing marijuana. Until now. The global media is calling Perry' ...

Annise Parker

Nerd Power: Houston mayor opens up on closet cleaning, sci-fi love and Bill Clinton lessons

By Clifford Pugh

"Nerd" is a word that Mayor Annise Parker considers a badge of honor. During an interview, she proudly ticks off her self-described "nerd credentials" —  she likes to ...

Political Wasteland

Texas ranks a shameful 46 out of the 50 states in political engagement

By Claire St. Amant

Texans pride themselves on, well, a lot of things. But according to a new survey, we don't have much to brag about in the political arena. ranked the most politically engaged ...

Laff Fest

Dubya Uncensored: George W. Bush trades jokes with Jay Leno on Obamacare and retirement

By Claire St. Amant

Former President George W. Bush likes to keep a low profile these days, but the 43rd POTUS decided to make an exception for Jay Leno. Bush was a special guest on  The Tonight Show With Ja ...

International Attention

Who's laughing now? Anti-gay Houston Republican who pretended to be black to win election gets lampooned

By Tyler Rudick

After winning a close election in a predominately African-American district, Houston Republican David Wilson is making national headlines as details emerge about the efforts he undertook ...

197 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 20
Refine By:   Events (15)   Lists (0)   News (182)   Places (0)

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