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A Christian terrorist

A Christian terrorist: Gunman who shot up downtown Austin tied to extremists, stopped by hero horse cop

By Katie Friel

Larry McQuilliams, the man responsible for firing more than 100 rounds in downtown Austin on Black Friday, had ties to the Phineas Priesthood, an extremist Christian hate group, according ...

Gunman In Downtown Austin

Gunman rampaging through downtown Austin killed in hero horse cop confrontation after more than 100 shots

By Katie Friel

A suspected gunman is dead after a rampage through downtown Austin on Friday morning that left more than 100 rounds in the U.S. Federal Courthouse, the Consulate General of Mexico, a BB&T Bank ...

Racist Bar Attack?

Alleged racist bar under fire again after customer attacked by employee and left needing brain surgeries

By Katie Friel

Kung Fu Saloon, a bar chain famous for its arcade games — oh, and enforcing dress code policies that patrons in Austin and Dallas have criticized as racist — is under fire once aga ...

Bizarre Galveston Mystery

Bizarre Galveston mystery: Rescued family vanishes, leaving behind sinking sailboat and a fake trail

By Elizabeth Rhodes

A strange tale has unfolded following the rescue of a couple and seven children from a sailboat sinking into Galveston Bay. Three weeks following the rescue, the family is now missing and police in ...

Police Trouble

Austin police officers caught on video making rape jokes: So much for protect and serve

By Katie Friel

The Austin Police Department is acknowledging that two of its officers have been caught on video making rape jokes. In the already-infamous video, which was obtained by an Austin-based attorne ...

Cops Behaving Badly

Texas cop's unbelievable Facebook rant gets him fired: Targets "lazy turd bags," talks killing spree

By Katie Friel

In the small Texas town of Marlin, a suburb of Waco, a police detective was fired after an unbelievable Facebook rant. Detective Rob Douglas posted about "lazy turd bags," presumably usin ...

Parents Behaving Badly

Drunk Texas mom forces wet kids to ride on top of her precious car, severe injuries result from driving falls

By Claire St. Amant

A Dallas area mother is behind bars after an unbelievably reckless trip home from the community pool landed half a dozen children in the hospital. All to allegedly avoid getting the inside of ...

Sex Roommates Trend

Sex roommates trend catches on: Creepy men seek women willing to get it on for rent-free living

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Craigslist offers housing opportunities to many people over the Internet. The compensation for a room isn't always financial however. Certain online ads promise rent-free accommodations&nbs ...

Missing Explosives

Security concerns, missing explosives trouble Final Four as Dallas tries to break Houston's all-time record

By Chris Baldwin

ARLINGTON — A number of pyrotechnics were apparently stolen from the March Madness Music Festival on Friday night, prompting security levels to be raised at all the Final Four venues. Dog ...

Shocking Heights Crime

Car window shooting spree puts The Heights on edge: And the mayhem's spreading

By Elizabeth Rhodes

More than 20 cars were damaged as windows were shot out overnight in the Heights neighborhood. The vandalism was first noted on Sunday night on Twitter, and according to user @HoustonHeigh ...

31 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (0)

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