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UH on Most Sober List

University of Houston a no party school? UH joins BYU on Most Sober Universities list

By Heather Staible

Making the Top 20 of the Most Sober Universities in the country is sure to please school administrators and parents footing tuition bills, so kudos to the teetotaling students at the University of ...

Ranking It

University of Texas loses its party school edge: Gets disappointing spot in new national rankings

By Chris Baldwin

A visit to Sixth Street on any supposedly sleepy summer night is enough to confirm Austin's party cred. But outsiders seem to be doubting how hard University of Texas students are partying thes ...

Rivalry Renewed

Playboy loves the University of Texas party school ways, but Texas A&M ranked No. 1 for sporting life

By Whitney Radley

If anyone doubted a Lone Star coed's commitment to a good time, check Playboy Magazine's prestigious annual list of the Top 10 Party Schools — where four Texas universi ...

Inside the college rankings

University of Texas flexes a party school rep in new rankings, but most beautiful student bodies will surprise

By Whitney Radley

Newsweek and The Daily Beast's College Rankings 2012 are out — just a little too far past the acceptance deadline to be used as a resource for most recent high school gradu ...

Not everyone's experience

The horniest college campus in America: University of Texas No. 1 ranked in DTF

By Whitney Radley

The University of Texas is making national headlines for a high ranking. Just maybe not one university officials will be thrilled about. Texas comes in No. 1 on College Magazine's  ...

5 Results. Showing to
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