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Russian Cultural Center art opening reception: Postcard exhibition by Valentina Kisseleva

The Russian Cultural Center Our Texas hosts an exhibition by Valentina Kisseleva, a native of Moscow who studied graphic design and painting at the Belarus Art Academy in Minsk. This unique co

Post-Studio Projects art opening reception: Super String Theory by Candace Hicks

Super String Theory, sometimes called the theory of everything, is science's attempt to understand the nature of the cosmos. For many people it calls to mind multiple universes and other paradi

Holocaust Museum Houston opening reception: Birthrights Left Behind

Holocaust Museum Houston

In Birthrights Left Behind, artist Pauline Jakobsberg poses the question: Is it possible to shape the future through memories of the past? Birthrights is a selection of Jakobsberg's wo

MFAH art opening: For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The late 1960s and early 1970s marked a period of political and social turmoil in Japan. The country was struggling to forge a new identity on the world stage, and Japanese artists were seeking a m

College of the Mainland Art Gallery Art Reception: Student Art Exhibition

The College of the Mainland art gallery presents a student art exhibition, on view from Nov. 6 through Dec. 2. This reception and awards announcement will be juried by Jason Makepeace, a professor

Inman Gallery opening reception: Angela Fraleigh: Ghosts in the Sunlight

Inman Gallery

The women in Fraleigh's paintings are originally from paintings by Baroque and Rococo masters such as Jacob Jordaens, Francois Boucher and Francois Lemoyne. These were artists whose great theme

Catherine Couturier Gallery opening reception and book signing: Ocean | Desert by Renate Aller

Catherine Couturier Gallery presents the newest body of work by gallery artist Renate Aller titled Ocean | Desert. The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception, signing copies of

East End Studio Gallery opening reception: Steampunk Group Exhibition

Steampunk is a literary sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy that usually features steam-powered machinery. It is most often depicted in an American Wild West or British Victorian setting from

Redbud Gallery art opening reception: There is no 'I' in suburb by R. Michael Wommack

There is no "I" in suburb is a series of pastel drawings by Philadelphia-based artist R. Michael Wommack. The works are his observations of growing up in an archetypal American 1950s subd

G Gallery art opening reception: Blind Ambition by Kelly Alison

G Gallery hosts an exhibition of new works by Kelly Alison. On view through Nov. 30.

1008 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 101
Refine By:   Events (977)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (0)

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