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Real Estate Rumblings

West Houston gets its own luxury apartment complex: Midtown's ways are spreading

By Elizabeth Rhodes

A new multifamily luxury apartment project is rising in the Westchase District. The developer (The Morgan Group) is calling the project Pearl Woodlake. It's located at 2033 S. Gessner ...

Real Estate Rumblings

A new 50-story skyscraper is rising in downtown Houston: Oil giant makes use of old YMCA space

By Ralph Bivins

Chevron U.S.A., calling Houston “the epicenter” of the world’s energy industry, has announced plans to construct a 50-story skyscraper in downtown Houston on Louisiana Street, not ...

Real Estate Rumblings

CityCentre just won't stop growing: Hot mixed-use development adds another tower

By Whitney Radley

Development at CityCentre from Houston-based Midway Companies can't be stopped, with construction expected to begin on CityCentre Five just after CityCentre Four reaches completion th ...

If the office is a rockin' . . .

A staggering percentage of people admit to having sex at work: How clean is your desk?

By Tyler Rudick

Sorry in advance for making everyone's workday a little weirder. In an attempt to shed light on the secret world of interoffice romance, career website Glassdoor intervi ...

Red or blue, mum's the word

Office politics: Workplace is no place to express opinions on heated presidential election

By Allie Page

With the 2012 presidential election only hours away, everyone has politics on the brain. But, is the heated race between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney an appropriate water cooler topic? ...


Julia Hurley shouldn't apologize for her Hooters: Slut-shaming female pols needs to stop

By Sarah Rufca

Last month, Twitter — the Internet's most sophisticated source of information — gifted us with the trending topic of "#rulesforgirls." Tweets included delightful advice, s ...

P.S. I don't love you

Celebrating Cranky Co-workers Day with passive-aggressive office Post-its

By Steven Thomson

It's officially Cranky Co-workers Day, which means that we can vent about the obnoxious people we spend eight (or nine, or 10) hours with a day. Undoubtedly, the passive aggressive e-mails, sni ...

The end of office green?

CultureMap's Green Nazi retires: Our environmental future is in doubt

By Rachel Hanley

April is gone, CultureMap's Green Living series  is over and my Herculean assignment of turning our office green is done. With the close of the series, I’ve got to wonder if ...

When the garbage is on the other foot

CultureMap's recycling tyrant commits an environmental sin

By Rachel Hanley

We’ve reached week three in our (sometimes excruciating) effort to turn the CultureMap office into a green office and after discussing everyone else’s struggle with change, it's tim ...

9 Results. Showing to
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