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Up To Speed Video

Lions of the sea: New exhibit lets visitors touch live sharks and track them on Twitter

By Joel Luks

Chris Fischer had a few close calls with what he calls the "lions of the ocean." The rugged man of the sea who's better known as the host of the ESPN television series Offshore Ad ...

Shark Trouble

A 2,300-pound-plus Great White Shark is speeding toward Texas: Cue the Jaws music

By Nicole Appleby

The famous line "You’re gonna need a bigger boat" could become a reality this summer in Texas when the region experiences a real-life, 21st century version of the American ...

Tattered Jeans

A sun that doesn't burn you: There is something special about this unique delight

By Katie Oxford

Once, basking on the beach at Bolivar Peninsula, Mama said, “There’s something special about the August sun.”  I sorta knew what she meant.  “It doesn’t burn ...

Taken for granted

The best beaches are in . . . Galveston? Travel Channel ranks the island "oasis" as tops

By Whitney Radley

The Travel Channel has published a list of the Best Gulf Coast Beaches, and guess which Lone Star locale was listed alongside perennial, powdery white favorites like Gulf Shores, Ala., St. George I ...

Audio Photo Essay

A global world of colors: Stunning art travel photos — and the amazing stories behind their hunt

By Joel Luks

Hunter Gorham never dreamed of a career in the arts. His studies focused on finance, technology and business. But life had different plans. ...

Great Internet Access

The most surprising moments of James Cameron's trip to "hell and back:" Ocean floor secrets

By Whitney Radley

"Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge." So tweeted acclaimed  ...

Travelin' Man

Pack your sea legs & pretzels and spend 12 hours wildlife watching in the Gulf of Mexico

By Stephan Lorenz

Out of the black and into the blue. The still waters in the harbor were deceptive as the ship, the Osprey, motored past jetties toward the open Gulf. The morning was a typical Texas summer, hum ...

Tattered Jeans

Storm brewing: Remembering rain as a man dies in the water and a wedding laps up its waves

By Katie Oxford

A word about water — two kinds. The Gulf, that big body of blue and great greens that gratefully, I’d been gazing on from our rental cottage in northwest Florida — and water as in ...

Sacre Bleu, what is this?

When fish fight back: Are the killer shrimp headed to the U.S.?

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

The aquatic superstars of The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo paint a swimmingly sweet image of creatures under the sea, don't they? Well, the crustacean dubbed "the killer shrimp" ...

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