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At DiverseWorks through April 21

Black gold: Petroleum by-products fuel Marina Zurkow's provocative Necrocracy FotoFest show

By Joseph Campana

Who rules the planet — the living or the dead? If you were to ask artist Marina Zurkow, whose provocative Necrocracy appears at DiverseWorks in association with FotoFest 2012 and runs th ...

Debate It

What the frack is going on? UT study finds that fracking isn't to blame for water contamination

By Karen Labuca

Well here's your science lesson for today: What exactly is "fracking," aside from an alternative exclamation of contempt? With the costly controversy surrounding oil and gas price ...

BP, eat your heart out

Exxon Mobil strikes it big with Gulf of Mexico oil discovery

By Sarah Byerley

After a long respite, drilling in the Gulf is back. Exxon Mobil Corp. has announced a major discovery in the Gulf of Mexico after drilling the company's first post-moratorium deepwate ...

I Need a Tip Drill

Houston-based Energy XXI makes $1 billion ExxonMobil acquisition

By Caroline Gallay

John Schiller, founder of up-and-coming energy company Energy XXI, has made a $1 billion acquisition of most of ExxonMobil's oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. The move gives his c ...

4 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
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