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Pleas For Help

Teen lover's mysterious Valentine's disappearance baffles the police: Car wrecked, only shoes found

By Tyler Rudick

A cloud of mystery continues to surround the bizarre disappearance of Antonio Saldivar — the high school junior who vanished this weekend while delivering a Valentine's Day gift. The ...

Mysteries Underneath

Strange Lubbock tunnel baffles investigators: A secret smuggler's getaway?

By Tyler Rudick

A Lubbock family and their sprinkler system unleashed a Texas mystery this month when routine lawn maintenance unearthed a strange tunnel beneath their backyard. "We don't know exactly ...

pix of the day

Bizarre black smoke ring hovers over College Station: A baffling trouble?

By Tyler Rudick

Some Aggies are still scratching their heads over a bizarre black plume that appeared above College Station late last week. Witnesses say they heard a loud boom around 8:30 p.m. Thursday w ...

Book reading and signing: The Never List by Koethi Zan

Koethi Zan was born and raised in rural Alabama, then moved to New York City after earning a J.D. from the Yale Law School. She practiced entertainment law for more than 15 years, working in film,

Early Morning Show

Did you see the UFOs? Real story behind bright lights over Texas has some still seeing mystery

By Whitney Radley

Early risers across Texas were met with a baffling sight in the sky on Friday morning: Through the fog, a blip of blinding light that reportedly flashed red and green and blue. Was it an alien ...

A Fake In Its Place?

A priceless theft at the Alamo? Mystery swirls around Texas Declaration of Independence

By Tyler Rudick

Not since Pee-wee Herman asked to see the basement at the Alamo have workers at the Texas landmark witnessed this much confusion. The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is investigating a pos ...

The Arthropologist

Revisiting Marfa: From The Bloggess to John DeMers to real characters who go beyond art

By Nancy Wozny

It's been two years since I ventured off to Marfa with a gang of A-list bloggers and our host John DeMers, who had just finished his first Chef Brett novel, Marfa Shadows. Much has changed. ...

Extra Credit

University of Houston recreates a murder scene for 48 Hours

By Whitney Radley

Charlene Hill, a Fort Bend county resident, shot and killed her husband Danny in the bedroom of the couple's home in 2006.  The tale has all of the elements of a good true crime story: ...

Dare to push the button

We ♥ Hou for its alien art: Delve deep into the Big Bubble coverup and the mystery of the Buffies

By Tarra Gaines

Houston holds a world of art, enough for a lifetime of appreciation. Much of that art is accessible to us all. Public art is so easy to view as we wander through our days, we may never even notice ...

Sara Paretsky Body of Work Book Signing

Do you like mysteries? New York Times best-selling crime author Sara Paretsky signs and discusses her latest Body of Work, continuing her private investigator V.I. Warshawski saga.

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)
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