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Movie Time

A normal Tim Burton movie? Believe it, underrated Big Eyes surprises by not being strange

By Alex Bentley

Tim Burton’s films don’t normally fly under the radar, but his latest, Big Eyes, certainly has. Perhaps that’s because it has few Oscar aspirations, unlike most other movies relea ...

Movie Magic

Keira Knightley proves Benedict Cumberbatch isn't the only smart star in The Imitation Game

By Alex Bentley

Whether we like it or not, movies about World War II continue to be popular for filmmakers because of the myriad stories that can be mined from such rich history. But because so many movies have be ...

Off the Edge

Best movie of the year? Weird and wild Birdman takes the high wire to thrill and greatness

By Alex Bentley

There are some films that defy classification, ones that don't conform to any preconceived notion of what a film should be despite having much in common with their predecessors. Birdman or (The ...

A Celeb's Houston Hunk

Renee Zellweger's old Houston hunk steps up to defend her new face: Katy takes on Hollywood, cruel critics

By Elizabeth Rhodes

As much as Renee Zellweger has been ridiculed recently for her "new" face, it's probably a good thing that someone from her Houston area past is willing to stand up for her. Zellw ...

Wild Houston Film Fest

Major movie star's new Oscar contender brings early buzz to Houston's film festival: A Wild lineup sneak peek

By Clifford Pugh

A much-buzzed-about film that could garner Reese Witherspoon her second Oscar and an insider look at the first Dior collection under wunderkind designer Raf Simons are among 10 offerings that will ...

Grossest Movies Ever

The grossest food movies of all time: It's a new definition of horror

By Marene Gustin

I think we can all agree that Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey can be added to the list of our favorite food movies. Beautiful stories, incredible food cinema, they justly belong on the list of su ...

Movie Time

Errol Flynn's underage sex scandal movie manages to be forgettable: This Robin Hood needs to rob a new script

By Alex Bentley

Anyone making a movie set more than 50 years in the past needs to have one of two things: A subject with its own innate appeal, or the ability to make their subject appealing through great filmmaki ...

Movie Time

Chris Pratt's big win: Guardians of the Galaxy takes comic book movies to another level

By Alex Bentley

Up until this point, comic book movies have focused on characters that have either proven popular across the board or those with such a history that a movie about them makes sense. That all changes ...

Movie Time

Melissa McCarthy completely bombs: Fat jokes at her own expense (and doing) just part of the mess of Tammy

By Alex Bentley

Since her breakout performance in 2011’s Bridesmaids, for which she earned an Oscar nomination, Melissa McCarthy has quickly risen to the level of A-list star. After co-starring in two more h ...

At Sundance

Big Oil, Bigger Greed: Big Men is a Brad Pitt-backed truth shocker — directed by one fearless woman

By Cynthia Neely

The more I learn about fearless independent filmmaker Rachel Boynton, the lower my jaw drops and the greater my respect. She has directed and produced a fascinating true and twisting tale of oi ...

231 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 24
Refine By:   Events (104)   Lists (0)   News (127)   Places (0)
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