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Miller Outdoor Theatre presents Frozen Sing-A-Long

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Sing along to your favorite songs in an all new sing-along version of Disney's Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winning big screen adventure, Frozen. A mountain climber and a young girl named Anna

HISD Movie Night at Miller Outdoor Theatre presents Thor: The Dark World

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Join HISD Trustee Wanda Adams for this comic-book adventure set after the events of Marvel's The Avengers. This version of the movie is studio-edited to make it more appropriate for a wider aud

Movies Are My Life

Sex-crazed seniors, Gemma Arterton & Hollywood icons: A movie about old people worth watching

By Joe Leydon

Years before he became a fanboy icon while demanding kneeling by puny humans as General Zod in Superman II — and decades before he flaunted his versatility as an acerbic transsexual ...

Movies Are My Life

Budding hometown Houston hunk enjoys life in a $128.7 million movie: First started modeling at age 2

By Joe Leydon

Look! Up on the screen! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s . . .  Dylan Sprayberry? Yes, Dylan Sprayberry, the Houston-born son of former West University residents who t ...

Movies Are My Life

Worst Superman ever? Man of Steel is a ponderous, self-serious bore

By Joe Leydon

There’s a scene during the first third of Man of Steel — a wildly uneven attempt to do for Superman what Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins did for the S-Dude&r ...

Movie Talk

A better Wedding Crashers: The Internship is the funniest movie of the year

By Alex Bentley

Film critics don’t often acknowledge it, but making a successful movie is a hard business. As with most art forms, there’s almost nothing new, so in order for their work to be appreciat ...

Mondo Cinema

A sexy classic turns into the hot movie of the moment: The Virgin Queen of Pillow Talk takes charge

By Joe Leydon

Looks like the hottest ticket on Houston’s alt-film circuit right now may be — no kidding — Pillow Talk. Yes, you read that correctly: Pillow Talk, the fluffy 1959 romant ...

No Excuses

No movie for you! Arrive late and this theater chain will ban you from the show

By Austin Sanders

Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t want to hear your excuses. Oh, you’re late because you couldn’t wrap up that last drink in time? Sorry. Here’s a voucher. Come again, please. ...

Movie Bash

Celluloid fever: Filmmakers, Anvil craft cocktails and party kids rock out the Cinema Arts Fest

By Shelby Hodge

After 16 screenings held across the city on Saturday, hearty partiers supporting the Houston Cinema Arts Festival settled in late night at 300 Main St, the empty downtown space, which for that ...

Super start to fall movie season

The time-traveler movie we waited for all summer: Looper has action, intelligence & heart

By Alex Bentley

Time-travel movies are, and always will be, the ultimate in mind-bending entertainment. Whether it's something as frivolous as the Back to the Future trilogy, as action-packed as The Termi ...

200 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 20
Refine By:   Events (104)   Lists (0)   News (96)   Places (0)

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