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Blaffer Art Museum Lunch Gallery Talk: Hellen Vallier on Mel Chin: Rematch

Blaffer Art Museum

Hellen Vallier of the University of Houston's Honors College will lead a discussion of Mel Chin: Rematch, followed by lunch, which is on Blaffer. Vallier teaches in The Human Situation sequ

Mel Chin: Rematch curator Miranda Lash in conversation with Devon Britt-Darby

Blaffer Art Museum

Exhibition curator Miranda Lash will discuss Mel Chin: Rematch with Blaffer Art Museum public affairs director Devon Britt-Darby. Lash is curator of contemporary art at the Speed Art Museum in

Blaffer Art Museum Lecture: Mel Chin in conversation with Tyler Green

Blaffer Art Museum

Award-winning art journalist Tyler Green will record a live-audience interview with Mel Chin for The Modern Art Notes Podcast, the country's most popular audio program on art. Pulitzer Prize-wi

2015 B.K. Smith Lecture in History: "Why It Is Time to Take a New Look at 1914 and Why It Matters a Century Later" by Michael S. Neiberg

With backgrounds in social history, military history, French history and American history, Michael S. Neiberg has published widely on the theme of war in the world, especially in the era of the two

Unity of Houston Lecture: "The Turning Point: Thriving on the Edge of the Perfect Storm" by Gregg Braden

Through easy-to understand science and the wisdom traditions of the past, Gregg Braden explores the extremes that are reshaping our lives, the keys to thrive in our world, and the strategies to get

University of St. Thomas Lecture: "Irish Catholic Southerners: Becoming American" by Bryan Giemza

Have you ever read The Awakening? Or heard of Kate Chopin? Are you familiar with Uncle Remus? Have you seen Gone With the Wind? Or, more recently, have you seen No Country for Old Men? What all

University of St. Thomas Lecture: "The Future of Jewish Religious Denominations" by Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl

"The Future of Jewish Religious Denominations" is presented by Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl, Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Beth-El, San Antonio. Today, the differences among the three major non-O

Lecture and book signing: The Red Handkerchief by Yvonne Ward-Hughes

The Menil Collection

At age 19, Yvonne Ward-Hughes' mother, Maria Spronk-Hughes, joined a resistance group in Amsterdam and performed acts of sabotage against the Nazis. At age 22, she was arrested by the Gestapo a

Houston Maritime Museum Lecture: "USS Tang: The Best of the Best with Laurence Shallenberger"

USS Tang (SS-306) was a Balao Class submarine commissioned in October 1943 and served in the Pacific Theater of operations during World War II. Her gifted and aggressive skipper, commander Richard

Inside the MFAH Friday Afternoon Lecture: "A Quick History of Photography"

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

It is almost impossible to imagine what it felt like, 175 years ago, to see a photograph for the first time. The images were described as "miraculous," "divine perfection," &quo

857 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 86
Refine By:   Events (841)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (0)

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