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Unity of Houston presents Byron Katie in "Loving What Is"

Byron Katie invites guests to discover how self-inquiry can rouse a joy-filled life. Through The Work, anyone with an open mind can learn to identify, question and heal the thoughts that cause them

Houston Center for Photography hosts "An Evening with Dr. Eric Fossum"

Houston Center for Photography

Houston Center for Photography presents an evening with physicist and engineer Eric R. Fossum, speaking in conjunction with HCP's latest exhibition, Science: Photography's Influence on Scie

Talk, Yoga and Meditation: "Yoga Nidra: The Deep Yogic Sleep"

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

During this program led by staff from VYASA Houston, a nonprofit yoga school dedicated to community service through yoga research and education, participants gain an understanding about how yoga ni

Houston Archeological Society Lecture: "The East Fork of the Trinity River - Puebloan Connection"

University of St. Thomas

Houston Archeological Society member Wilson W. "Dub" Crook will present his second in a series of programs on excavations that he and his partner, Mark D. Hughston, have been conducting o

MFAH Lecture: "Identity and Visual Arts: Antiquarian Korean Maps"

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Whether physical or imagined, spiritual or intellectual, maps are visual tools for conveying a part of the world we inhabit. Through maps, we understand how a mapmaker views the world and wishes to

A Golden Age of European Art: Fifty Years of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

"A Golden Age of European Art" celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation and the contribution that the foundation has made to the cultural life of the city

MFAH Lecture: "Korean Ceramics: The Great Tradition"

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Robert D. Mowry introduces Korean ceramics from the early historic period through the 19th century, focusing on the robust stonewares of the Three Kingdoms (57 BC–668 AD) and Unified Silla (6

MFAH Artful Thursday: "Why You Can't Have a Theory of Art without Really Trying"

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

No matter how beautiful the rising sun, brilliant the uncut mineral, or majestic the towering redwood, the stars, rocks and trees cannot themselves be works of art. A poorly capped can of paint spi

"Rescuing the Gold: The Fascinating World of Art Theft and Recovery" wth Robert K. Wittman

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Rising from humble roots as the son of an antiques dealer, Robert K. Wittman had a 20-year law enforcement career that was nothing short of extraordinary as an FBI special agent and top investigato

In Conversation: Haegue Yang and Dean Daderko

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Artist Haegue Yang will join curator Dean Daderko in conversation about her work and the exhibition Double Life. Yang is a Korean artist based in Berlin and Seoul. Her work has been seen in solo ex

837 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 84
Refine By:   Events (821)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (0)

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