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Grocery Store Wars Heat Up

Houston's grocery store wars heat up with massive new stores butting heads in the same hot neighborhood

By Eric Sandler

Whole Foods' great Houston expansion continues. The Austin-based grocer, known for its extensive selection of organic goods and high-quality prepared foods, has now set April 8 as the open ...

Thanksgiving Food Secrets

Houston's Thanksgiving food secrets: Making the meal sing has little to do with those overrated turkeys

By Marene Gustin

Thanksgiving Day is about family, friends and food. Lots of food. Most people have their own traditions for the holiday. Maybe you spend hours in the kitchen preparing a feast for extended fami ...

Grocery Store Shutters

Walmart's special Houston area grocery store quietly shutters: Company mum on failed experiment

By Elizabeth Rhodes

After five years of servicing Spring Branch's Latino population, Walmart's 'Supermercado' has closed its doors for good. The 39,000 square foot store, located at 7960 Long ...

Grocery Store Wars

No grocery store shocker: Study shows Whole Foods is pricier than H-E-B — a Whole Paycheck confirmation?

By Elizabeth Rhodes

While it's common knowledge that shopping at Whole Foods Market — jokingly referred to as "Whole Paycheck" — isn't exactly ideal for those on a tight budget, ...

Grocery Games

No white lie? Whole Foods sued for falsely reporting sugar content in a grocery store staple

By Katie Friel

When Consumer Reports decided to do a taste test of plain Greek yogurt last month, researchers didn't expect to uncover a potential conspiracy. Among the yogurt being tested was the Whole F ...

Grocery Store Wars

A new salvo in Houston's grocery store wars: Giant chain debuts new specialty perks and H-Town firsts

By Nicole Appleby

The grocery wars are heating up — and becoming more specialized. Whole Foods is upping its game in Houston as it rapidly increases the number of its stores in the region. Whole Foods' ...

Organic Bargains

Grocery store shocker: Whole Foods is actually cheaper than Walmart — new study takes on Whole Paycheck tag

By Katie Friel

A routine shopping trip to Whole Foods can quickly turn into a triple-digit bill, but a recent article by Kiplinger in Daily Finance found almost 20 common grocery items and foodstuff that are chea ...

Grocery Store Wars

America's best grocery store voting results in a big surprise — and unexpected Walmart love

By Katie Friel

There are two kinds of people in this world: Trader Joe's loyalists and diehard Whole Foods fans. Sure, customers will head to the other store out of necessity, but that's the exception, ce ...

New Montrose Grocery Store

Specialty grocery store with serious coffee cred opens a new Montrose location

By Eric Sandler

Mercantile, the gourmet grocer and takeaway coffee shop, has only been open for about six months in Rice Village, but it's already expanding and opening a new second location. Tucked into ...

Gourmet Grocery Stores Close

Another gourmet grocery store suddenly goes out of business: Is price all that matters with Houston food?

By Eric Sandler

Is surprise closures the hottest trend in Houston grocery stores? It's certainly seems to be the case as Grocers Supply is shutting down its Sugar Land Fiesta Market Place, the compan ...

53 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (52)   Places (0)

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