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Kissed To The Curb

Yellow Cab investigating cab driver who kicked a gay couple to the curb for a PG kiss

By Heather Staible

Yellow Cab is investigating an independent contractor who forced two Houston men out of his cab Sunday after seeing the men kiss in the car. Partners Travis Player and Andres Orozco say they w ...

In The Stone Ages

Infamous University of Texas fraternity suspended after gay pledge charges sexual discrimination

By Nicole Raney

The University of Texas' Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter has been temporarily suspended while it is under investigation for discrimination. According to an article in The Da ...

Pride Parade's Wrong Move

Don't lose the magic: Keep Houston's Pride Parade where it belongs — in Montrose

By Clifford Pugh

A few years ago, organizers of the Pride Parade wanted to move it out of Montrose, where it has been since its inception in 1979, to downtown Houston. They said that the parade had outgrown its loc ...

Cliff Notes

Separating fact from fiction in the fight for better sidewalks — and gay rights — in a changing Houston

By Clifford Pugh

In an op-ed piece in Sunday's Houston Chronicle, Montrose Management District executive director Bill Calderon laid out a strong case that fixing the crumbling sidewalks in the near-town n ...

By The Numbers

Texas costing itself $181.6 million by denying basic marriage rights to gays: Discrimination is bad business

By Elizabeth Rhodes

If Texas grants marriage equality to same-sex couples, money spent on wedding arrangements and tourism by resident same-sex couples and their guests could add an estimated $181.6 million to the sta ...

We Love A Parade

A lot of Pride: The best images from Houston's Pride Parade — and why it's more wild, colorful & festive than ever

By Clifford Pugh

The annual Pride Parade was particularly festive this year, as the GLBT community celebrated growing acceptance of marriage equality. Veteran photographer Dalton DeHart captured the scene. ...

At City Hall

Equal rights will have to wait: No HEROs emerge as city council delays vote amid church-led bathroom furor

By Elizabeth Rhodes

As a result of a rather contentious City Council meeting the vote on the hotly debated Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) has been postponed until May 28.  The ordinance would "pro ...

Landmark Montrose Bar Closes

Another sign Montrose isn't so gay anymore: Landmark neighborhood bar is closing

By Clifford Pugh

Another one bites the dust. As Montrose land gets pricier and more attractive to affluent Houstonians at a time when gay and lesbians have become more assimilated into mainstream society, ...

Gay Restaurants & Bars

Houston's gay-friendliest restaurants and bars: New faves and old haunts make the scene

By Amy Chien

We’re lucky in Houston. I can’t think off the top of my head of any bars or restaurants that aren’t gay-friendly (although I’m sure there are some out there). That said, the ...

Homestate Shame

Bigotry lives on: Gay couple barred from dancing in a Texas country Western bar, told it's "unacceptable"

By Elizabeth Rhodes

After being ejected from a nightclub in Victoria — little more than two hours southeast of Houston — a young gay couple is trying to fight back against bigotry. ...

61 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 7
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (56)   Places (3)