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In A WormHole

Crazy caterpillar invasion plagues Texas: But is the mad worry over little worms overblown?

By Marshall Hinsley

If you follow gardening pages online, you've probably seen photos posted this week by perplexed homeowners showing armies of caterpillars swarming tree trunks across Texas. The ca ...

Fab Finds

Brighten up your garden with whimsical butterfly, bird and frog ceramics and furniture

By Barbara Kuntz

Fluttering butterflies, singing birds, happy frogs and more are coming to your garden this spring, thanks to new whimsical and beautiful introductions to MacKenzie-Childs' 2015 lineup. The ...

Gardening Power

Houston's cold weather cannot stop this flowery rite of spring: The Azalea Trail blooms on as it turns 80

By Barbara Kuntz

The azaleas are here! Despite threatening cold temps and a dreary, almost sunless start to 2015, these rites of Houston's spring are blooming just in time to herald the 80th anniversary of ...

Gardening class: Pepper Varieties Talk by Pam Dunker

Peppers, the sweet hot love affair with a following all its own. Confused by the Scoville unit? This talk will help you understand how it works. Hear about the many uses of the pepper, grown as a c

Urban Harvest's 15th Annual Fruit Tree Sale

Rice University

The event will bring together a huge stock of fruit trees and berries for anyone interested in purchasing fruit trees from which to harvest delicious fruit year round. There will be oranges, tanger

Gardening lecture: "Citrus Tasting" by Dianne Norman

If you are unsure as to what citrus tree to grow for your own consumption, this talk will help. A limited supply of some of the varieties of citrus you can grow will be on hand to taste. Dianne Nor

Gardening lecture: "Fruit Tree Selection" by Dianne Norman

With bare root fruit trees expected shortly, Dianne Norman hosts a timely discussion of fruit trees that can be grown in the Houston area so you can learn how to select the best one for your tastes

River Oaks Garden Club's 80th Annual Azalea Trail

The 80th annual Azalea Trail is sponsored by River Oaks Garden Club, a nonprofit organization founded in 1927 and a member of The Garden Club of America. The trail is a home and garden tour of seve

Gardening class: Starting Seeds Indoors by Biddy Swiney

Learn the benefits of growing your own seedlings. This two-hour session will cover the basics for successfully starting seeds indoors by covering topics that will include lighting, watering, temper

Gardening lecture: "Transplanted Northern Gardener" by Ed Dreier

If you have moved to Houston from New York, Chicago or any other northern area, you may be a little baffled as to what to grow and when. If you wait until May or June to plant your tomatoes as most

74 Results. Showing to
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