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The Review Is In

Sexy action star Scarlett Johansson can't save Lucy: Absurd premise annoys any average human brain

By Alex Bentley

Most movies require that viewers suspend their disbelief at least a little in order to properly enjoy the stories they have to tell. However, the latest from writer/director Luc Besson, Lucy, uses ...

Proud Pony International and QFest 2014 film screening: The Trouble With Ray


The Trouble with Ray celebrates the singular voice of gay civil rights legend Ray Hill and highlights his personal experiences with the players and events that have shaped the gay rights movement i

QFest 2014 film screening: Let the Record Show

14 Pews

Let the Record Show is an engrossing documentary that centers around the rising AIDS epidemic and the New York artist community's response to the crisis. The film features Patrick O'Connell

QFest 2014 presents Dudley Saunders' In These Boxes

14 Pews

In These Boxes is an uncommon, uncanny mix of live music, narratives and video art that explores the human need to keep the dead from disappearing by holding on to their things. Personal contributi

SXSW Film H-Town Happy Hour

Aurora Picture Show

Whether you have questions about submitting a film, want to learn more about the event or just want a free drink, this is a great opportunity to hang out with the Houston film community and chat wi

Aurora Picture Show screening: Boot Camp World Premiere 2014

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Strike a pose and step onto the red carpet at Aurora Picture Show's sixth annual Boot Camp World Premiere, where young filmmakers' visions come to life on screen. Hosted in partnership with

QFest 2014 film screening hosted by Aurora Picture Show: "Sweetest Taboos: A Collection of Erotic Short Films"

Aurora Picture Show

Aurora Picture Show partners with QFest on the 18th anniversary of Houston's International GLBT–Q Film Festival. In celebration of comedy and the profundity and the mystery that is sex, Q

Italian Cultural and Community Center hosts "Ferragosto Celebration: Film and Pizza"

Gather with fellow film-goers for Italian pizza and complimentary refreshments to celebrate the fourth annual Festa di Ferragosto. The event includes screenings of the films Che bella gio

Syrian American Council film screening: Return to Homs

Rice University

The documentary follows 19-year-old goalkeeper-turned-insurgent Abdul Basset as he and a ragtag group of comrades fight to protect the captive inhabitants of the besieged city of Homs. As one of th

Valvisions Foundation film screening: Healing Magdalene

River Oaks Theatre

Join Valvisions Foundation for the Houston premiere of internationally acclaimed Healing Magdalene, a film intended to create and raise awareness of female genital mutilation. Healing Magdalene wil

1512 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 152
Refine By:   Events (1277)   Lists (0)   News (234)   Places (1)

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