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Film screening: Pussy Riot - The Movement

Pussy Riot - The Movement briefly reviews the events that led to the harsh two-year sentences of Pussy Riot members for singing a punk rock song in Moscow's most important cathedral. Their mess

Off the Edge

Best movie of the year? Weird and wild Birdman takes the high wire to thrill and greatness

By Alex Bentley

There are some films that defy classification, ones that don't conform to any preconceived notion of what a film should be despite having much in common with their predecessors. Birdman or (The ...

Aurora Picture Show presents "Mark Tribe: The Port Huron Project (2006-2009)"

The Menil Collection

A central question of Mark Tribe's artistic practice asks how media and technology have shaped the way politics are performed. The Port Huron Project (2006-2009) is a series of reenactments of

Hollywood In Houston

Hollywood rolls into Houston for a red carpet night: It's paparazzi and stars at Cinema Arts Fest opener

By Joel Luks

With the red carpet rolled out and a clique of local paparazzi huddling outside the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the scene was all Hollywood for the opening soiree of the sixth annual Houston Cine ...

Film screening: Street by James Nares

The Menil Collection

Street is an unscripted high-definition video recorded over one week in September 2011. Born in London in 1953, artist Jim Nares has lived and worked in New York since 1974.

Movie Complexity

Sprawling McConaughey space movie reaches for new heights but falls short of the stars

By Alex Bentley

Director Christopher Nolan has never been the type to take it easy on anyone who watches his movies. From his early works like Following and Memento all the way through his Dark Knight trilogy, Nol ...

Baymax to the Rescue

An animated Marvel: Big Hero 6 combines sweetness and strength to top Interstellar at box office

By Alex Bentley

Since Marvel Entertainment merged with Disney back in 2009, the production of films based on Marvel characters has shifted into overdrive. Given Disney’s history, it was only a matter of time ...

Throwback Thursday Movie Night at CityCentre


Join CityCentre in the plaza for a throwback Thursday movie night featuring The Sandlot. Popcorn provided by Sewell. The movie starts at 8 p.m., but come early to get a great seat.

Southwest Alternative Media Project and Rice Cinema film screening: Finding Fela

Rice Cinema

Musician and activist Fela Kuti (1938–1997), credited with creating the musical movement Afrobeat, rose to international stardom. He turned his prominence into a political forum to oppose the

Touring Taste of Dance Salad Festival: Film premiere of 2014 performances

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Join for the first event of the new season, the film premiere of Dance Salad Festival 2014 co-presented by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Relive the highlights of choreographic masterpieces

1627 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 163
Refine By:   Events (1370)   Lists (0)   News (256)   Places (1)

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