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Austin Restaurant Invasion

Culty Austin restaurant chain intensifies its Houston takeover with new locale, free food promises

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Culty high-end fast food taco lovers can soon rejoice. Austin-based Torchy's Tacos is set to open the doors of its newest location in northwest Houston in only a few weeks. The ta ...

World Changing Stuff

Fast food shocker: Chipotle is making a rare menu change for Texas

By Teresa Gubbins

In today's thrilling vegan news, Chipotle is adding a tofu option to its permanent national menu, to be available in its Texas restaurants later in 2014, possibly by the end of spring. The comp ...

Foodie News

Double cheeseburger with a twist is back on menu: Do you know the way to Monterrey?

By Eric Sandler

Introduced last summer, Whataburger's Monterey Melt earned raves for its combination of flavors. The limited-time burger brought together two patties, Monterey Jack and American cheese, gr ...

Crazy Fast Food Night

Old lady goes berserk at McDonald's over drink refill, triggers a high-speed police chase

By Tyler Rudick

An unpaid drink refill led to a high-speed chase Monday, forcing police to use a spike strip to flatten the tires of a disgruntled fast food patron. Jodi Silva with the Houston Police Departmen ...

Dining Deals

Cheap food alert! Texas' favorite burger goes on sale for one buck

By Eric Sandler

How has Whataburger founder Harmon Dobson's name been mostly forgotten by fast food fans? Most people can name Ray Kroc as the man who made McDonald's a global phenomenon, and who can ...

New Fast Food Frenzy

Filipino fast food giant creates a near In-N-Out Burger frenzy with its first Houston restaurant

By Eric Sandler

Filipino fast food giant Jollibee has opened its first Houston location near Reliant Stadium. Although it didn't receive the same sort of advance coverage that, say, In-N-Out Burger m ...

Drive-Thru News

New Washington Avenue hot spot satisfies hungry club crowd in a hurry

By Eric Sandler

Fast food drive-in Sonic has opened a new location on Washington Avenue just east of Studemont. It's good news for residents of Rice Military, Montrose and other Neartown neighborhood ...

Heart Attack Food

The worst restaurant meal in America is a surprise killer: Fast food this bad almost defies belief

By Julia Davila

Would you be interested in 1,320 calories and a side order of two weeks worth of trans fat? Out of all of the fast food chains and unhealthy choices available out there, it turns out no bad bur ...

Best Paris Fast Food

Crepes and Qualité: Where to find the best fast food in Paris

By Clifford Pugh

PARIS — It's practically impossible to get a bad meal here in the French capital, but it's hard to get one quickly. Even an easy-to-make Croque Monsieur (grilled ham and che ...

In-N-Out Threatens Houston Chef

In-N-Out Burger threatens a high-end Houston chef in burger flap — and the response is hilarious

By Whitney Radley

James Beard Best Chef Southwest nominee Chris Shepherd is in the headlines again, but this time it's not for his culinary prowess. Or at least not directly.  Shepherd received a cease ...

30 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (30)   Places (0)

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