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It drives like....a car

Test Drive: Nissan and eVgo are charged up about the future with the all-electric Leaf

By Kevin McCauley

Quirky, fun-to-drive, and greener than your neighbor's Prius, the Nissan Leaf may be a harbinger of the future. ...

Green Living

Ways to make Houston greener: Bury power lines, charge a car, turn off the lights

By Ralph Bivins

Ugly real estate is worth less than pretty real estate — it’s one of the basic tenets of property valuation. Wouldn’t we would all be better off if Houston erased its ugly bl ...

Imagine Houston's Future

Can a Green Revolution transform Houston's future?

By Laura Spanjian

Innovation, creativity and a black gold rush spirit dominated Houston at the turn of the last century – putting Houston on the map as an economic leader. As one of the main driving forces of ...

Game Changer

Eco enthusiasts do the electric slide as the Chevy Volt wins monumental car award

By Steven Thomson

The Chevrolet Volt has taken Detroit's North American International Auto Show by storm, winning the 2011 North American Car of the Year Award on Monday morning. The hybrid electric ve ...

A green bang

Houston charged up to lead the nation in electric car power

By Steven Thomson

Slipping into the Aptera 2e, one gets the feeling of sneaking into the future. The arctic white, aerodynamic two-seater three-wheeler glides along the streets of downtown almost silently. It ...

Houston tour

Test Drive: Chevy Volt is nearly purrrrr-fect

By Clifford Pugh

There was a lot of commotion Sunday night in Cammie Moise's west Houston neighborhood. Moise, who got to know Chevrolet officials after test driving a Chevy Malibu for a month and blogging ...

She'll get you a green bin on wheels

Meet Laura Spanjian, Houston's new green/recycling maestro from San Francisco

By Caroline Gallay

Laura Spanjian has never lived outside of California — not even for college. And she recently left her post at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (and pulled out of an election for ...

At least, it's not Paris

Cool your road rage: Houston's traffic isn't as bad as you think

By Steven Thomson

Had it up to here with honking on Houston highways? Slow down, crazy, slow down. According to new rankings by IBM Research, Houston is steadily parked at No. 18 among world cities when it comes ...

green wheels

The Wall Street Journal sees Houston as the future "electric car capital"

By Steven Thomson

In 2020, will Houston's lionized Art Car Parade be a largely electric affair? Six new electric car charging stations have been installed downtown — a big boost against Houston's r ...

9 Results. Showing to
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