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Boutique Style

New trendy Rice Village store makes its clothes out of a mind blowing fabric: Sweat free living in Houston?

By Nikki Ndukwe

As winter rolls away and we enter into the warmer weather, every Houstonian will be looking for clothes that keep them cool. This season, a new Houston store believes you should skip the cotton and ...

New Living

Salvaging historic trees and crafting unique furniture redefines business as usual at this unique Houston store

By Barbara Kuntz

"Let's Build Together" is the motto at Made at New Living, where local artisans work hand-in-hand with customers to create one-of-a-kind tables, chairs, planters, whatever the desire, ...

Solar possibilities

Staring at the sun: Houston Solar Tour takes affordable, eco-friendly technology to new heights

By Tyler Rudick

The Houston Solar Tour celebrates its 10th anniversary Saturday with six open-house locations highlighting some of the most advanced sustainable technologies available today. According to the U ...

Houston No. 1 Green City

Houston named one of the Greenest Cities in America: No joke

By Whitney Radley

We hope you didn't fret about insufficient green cred on Earth Day this year. Between smog, insufficient public transit and lack of a full-scale, city-wide curbside recycling prog ...

Clutch Delivery

Houston's new bike delivery service will bring almost anything to your door 24/7

By Whitney Radley

Admit it, you've been there — hung over and in need of a greasy remedy, in a bathroom bind with no toilet paper in sight, in the middle of baking an intensive dessert when you realize you ...

A healthy start

5 websites to feed your health kick, from build-your-own energy bars to eco-friendly bath products

By Rachael Abrams

The start of a new year often inspires a renewed interest in wellness. And because we also value convenience, we turn to online resources that we can explore from the confines of our cozy home. Fro ...

CITYCENTRE: In The Middle of It All

Smart design is in the details at CITYCENTRE

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Strolling through CITYCENTRE, most people don’t notice the expansive shade or the fresh breezes flowing through the center. And it’s easy to overlook the wide, paved walkways or the rec ...

Compost Power

Make your home more eco friendly on the cheap: City's holding a half-off sale on green items

By Whitney Radley

Eco-conscious homeowners (and renters) can buy composting contraptions and rain collection devices for half price this weekend. The City of Houston and AIA Houston are hosting a one-day-only tr ...

Green Living

What does "green" really mean? Send us your ideas

By Dillon Sorensen

It’s no secret that, in recent years, those in the marketing industry have harnessed the power of the word “green.” In a fervent attempt to avoid guilty consciences, consumers hav ...

2011 Shell Eco-marathon Americas

Discovery Green

The Shell Eco-marathon showcases invention, innovation and eco-efficiency as the streets around Discovery Green become a test course for tomorrow's vehicles. College and high school teams from

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)