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Hell on wheels

Worst drivers in America: Texas ranks near top of list, but Louisiana is even worse

By Elizabeth Rhodes

While everyone probably thinks their state has the worst drivers, a new study reveals which ones are actually the worst in America — and most are in the South, along with Texas. The study ...

Zoom Zoom

No room for human error: Google self-driving car hits the streets at Texas Transportation Forum

By Aleksander Chan

Google will be testing its self-driving car in Austin on Tuesday as a part of the three-day Texas Transportation Forum. As the Austin American-Statesman first reported, the outfitted, converte ...

Not-so-silent killers

Listen & die: 5 classical music orchestra pieces to avoid while behind the wheel

By Joel Luks

Isn't it adorably ignorant when someone claims that classical music, as a genre, is relaxing? That's like saying all Jews have cash, all Asians are good at math and the gays can decorate.&n ...

Bad Traffic

Houston's horrible commute is recognized: Ranked second worst, only behind notorious Atlanta

By Whitney Radley

Are your morning and evening commutes a drag? You're not alone.  Nearly 20 percent of Houston-area residents have a commuting time of 45 minutes or more, according to a commuting index ...

Road Rules

Close-to-home fatality reopens the debate: Should Texas ban texting and driving?

By Whitney Radley

Early Wednesday morning, Chandler Small, a 19-year-old Montgomery County native and a student Texas A&M University, was returning to College Station from a visit to friends at Sam Houston State ...

CultureMap Video Tour

Texas suburban dad takes on an American-made electric car: Behind the wheel of the Chevy Volt

By Joel Luks

For a commuter city in the Lone Star state that values largesse, and that includes oversized gas guzzlers that fit everything from children to dogs to the kitchen sink, can Chevy convince a typical ...

Austin to Seguin

Is the new 85 MPH Texas highway all about money? Why the fastest road in America makes cents

By Whitney Radley

Soon travelers will have another option for traversing the 80-some odd miles that separate Austin and San Antonio than the chronically congested I-35 corridor. For a price, they can zoom down  ...

the worst place in the world

Seriously? Former Houstonian faces lashing in Saudi Arabia for daring to drive

By Sarah Rufca

The Arab Spring has mostly sidestepped Saudi Arabia, but there is a protest movement going on in the Middle Eastern country, and one former Houstonian is caught in the crossfire. Shaima Jastani ...


The texting bride has nothing on the Bayou Driver: Why America can't put the phone down

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

We know you love your text messaging, America. We know that it's your lifeline to the virtual world when the real one often proves mundane, monotonous, and . . . well, way too real. But don ...

Beep Beep

Houston's road rage hot spots revealed: The Galleria, Hillcroft & Hipstrict are all anger flash points

By Steven Thomson

In the Lone Star State, there's no way of knowing if the driver you just cut off is stowing away a shotgun in the glove compartment. Luckily, the Texas Watchdog organization has analyzed statis ...

16 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (0)