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Whisky Rebellion

Good to the last drop: Houston bar offers rare whisky at $750 a shot (plus tax)

By Eric Sandler

"We've very excited. It's a very special bottle." That's how Reserve 101 co-owner Mike Raymond introduced the latest high-dollar purchase he's added to the back bar at ...

Foodie News

Eagerly awaited burlesque club opens with half-price lunch — but no entertainment (yet)

By Eric Sandler

One of this fall's most anticipated openings will make its debut this week. Prohibition SupperClub & Bar in downtown Houston will begin its soft-opening with lunch service starting Tue ...

Sexy Cocktail Bar

New downtown cocktail bar emphasizes sexy restraint in calm, cool atmosphere

By Eric Sandler

Moving Sidewalk, the bar that has replaced shuttered ramen shop Goro & Gun, opened quietly on Main Street last weekend. With teal walls and three antique chandeliers hanging over the ...

A Secret Bar Opening

Psst! Oxheart's highly-anticipated new bar secretly opens: Whatever you do, don't tell anyone

By Eric Sandler

Public Services Wine & Whisky, the bar that reunites Oxheart chef/owner Justin Yu with his former sommelier Justin Vann, opened for a very quiet soft opening Monday night in the former Cot ...

Shopping Playground

Houston's new patio season destination? GreenStreet brings lawn movies, food trucks, giant Jenga & more

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Labor Day has passed, football season is in full swing and pumpkin spice is once again an acceptable way to take your morning brew. Fall is so close we can almost taste it, and GreenStreet is geari ...

Downtown Ramen Joint Closes

Ramen joint closes; will return as new bar in emerging downtown entertainment district

By Eric Sandler

Downtown izakaya Goro & Gun served its final meal Tuesday night. Rising star chef J.D. Woodward has resigned his position as Goro's executive chef. On Wednesday night, Goro's curta ...

Downtown Bar Drama

Downtown cocktail bar locked out of its space by another bar: It's a speakeasy drama

By Eric Sandler

Something has clearly gone wrong with the relationship between Clutch City Squire and Barringer Bar. When Barringer opened in March, it brought an upscale atmosphere to what had been Clutch City ...

Naked Twister Controversy

Downtown brewpub loses its lease over "Naked Twister" controversy; plans big farewell party

By Eric Sandler

Downtown's bar and restaurant scene may be booming thanks to the growth in and around the 300 block of Main, but one area building will soon lose the neighborhood's only brewpub. The League ...

Destination GreenStreet

Happy hour haven: Skip the after-work rush at GreenStreet with great specials

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Foodie fever in Houston is at an all-time high, with new restaurants opening each week and local chefs gaining national recognition for dynamic fare, and among the don't-miss dining destination ...

Burlesque Bar Twist

Downtown burlesque bar unveils latest twist in plans for "decadent" experience

By Eric Sandler

As it draws closer to opening next month, Prohibition, the downtown burlesque bar, restaurant and supper club, continues to attract top talent to bring plans for a "nostalgic and decadent" ...

111 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 12
Refine By:   Events (18)   Lists (0)   News (92)   Places (1)

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