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Restaurant Burns Down

Houston breakfast institution gutted in a massive fire: Owner vows to rebuild restaurant

By Tyler Rudick

Firefighters arrived to a donut disaster Friday as raging flames ripped through a southeast Houston breakfast institution. Located along the Gulf Freeway just below Wayside, Mary Lee Donuts has ...

Foodie News

Houston's version of the cronut is a much sweeter story: Retired firefighter baker not gouging customers

By Joel Luks

You could say that New York baker Dominique Ansel, the patriarch of the cronut, is an entrepreneurial genius. Through no fault of his own, Ansel has baked pastry's version of crack cocaine and ...

Foodie News

National Donut Day's hidden secret: Uncovering the real history of the donut

By Tyler Rudick

Once a year, Americans set aside their culinary differences to rally behind one of the country's most celebrated pastries . . . that right, it's National Donut Day. Interestingly, ...

In the pros' kitchen

The 10 biggest food trends of 2013: Expect donuts, exotic meats, beer desserts and plenty of surprises

By Jodie Eisenhardt

Trends come and go, with fashion and with food, of course. With Houston’s culinary scene finally receiving national respect, look for the city's chefs to lead the way with their own inter ...

Foodie News

Behold the donut burger! Food mashup of Homer Simpson's dreams set to terrorize waistlines

By Sarah Byerley

Sometimes words are interpreted a bit too literally, but no one ever thought "brunch" would be one of them. Behold the donut burger. In the ultimate mashup of breakfast and lunch, it& ...

Evil genius

When food trends collide: The bacon donut deserves its day

By Sarah Rufca

It should come as no surprise that the birthday party theme for a self-professed foodie would be bacon and donuts. (And "clothes from the '90s," but I digress.) Actually, with the ...

Foodie News

Will the Krispy Kreme burger go mainstream — or kill you?

By Sarah Rufca

Just when you thought people were running out of ways to cause a caloric explosion (I mean, come on, fried butter?),  just when you're tired of the KFC Double Down, state fair season is he ...

Monumental Moment (except here)

Is National Donut Day the worst free food day ever?

By Caroline Gallay

Although "free donuts" had a different, not quite so literal meaning at my sorority house, finding out that selected Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts locations are giving their goodies ...

8 Results. Showing to
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