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Dog & Cat States

Dog and cat states: See which pet Texas loves better — and the surprise stats for the other 49 states

By Nicole Appleby

Texas isn't just home to a bunch of horses and farm animals. The Lone Star State has more dogs than there are in California — even though Texas has 12 million fewer humans. Texas is h ...

Book signing: Find Momo: A Photography Book by Andrew Knapp

Brazos Bookstore

Meet Momo, a border collie who loves tagging along on adventures and getting his picture taken. Find Momo is more than a photo book — it's a game, and it's up to you to find out where

Houston Rockets Dog Walk

Hermann Park

The walk will follow a picturesque, 1-mile path around McGovern Lake and the Jones Reflection Pool. Participants will receive one ticket to the Rockets' April 6 game vs. Denver, a commemorative

37th Annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows

NRG Park

Celebrating 37 years, the Houston World Series of Dog Shows, formerly the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows, brings together hundreds of dogs to compete in categories such as conformation and

Dog Poo Fairies Attack

Dog poo fairies invade Houston: And they're going to make sure pet owners pick up that poop

By Tyler Rudick

Informally heralded as the Whole Foods for animals, Kriser's all-natural pet store is arriving in Houston after earning hordes of devotees in Southern California, Colorado and Chicago. In a ...

Pet On Pet Crime

Horrific animal crime: Pack of wild dogs scale a fence to murder a kangaroo at a Houston exotic pet store

By Tyler Rudick

A kangaroo and three kinkajous are dead after a pack of dogs scaled the fence of a local exotic pet shop. Located on a three-acre lot in northeast Houston, S&S Exotic Animals offers a verit ...

Pet Serial Killer On Loose

Fears of a pet serial killer shake Montrose: Mutilated cat and missing animals leave plenty of questions

By Tyler Rudick

A rash of missing cats has Montrose pet owners fearing the worst amidst rumors of hungry coyotes and a possible serial animal killer. (Warning: Gruesome details ahead.) On Saturday, residents n ...

The Paw Stuff

Houston's getting a new "official" city dog park: A $1.5 million pooch paradise is on the way

By Tyler Rudick

Houston dogs and their human companions are drooling over plans to reinvent a popular makeshift dog park at Allen Parkway and Montrose Boulevard. Work begins Monday to transform the two-acre gr ...

Crazy Puppy Fight

Bizarre puppy dispute ends with one roommate tied up naked in a ditch and the other in jail

By Tyler Rudick

An argument about a puppy sparked a bizarre and violent confrontation near Galveston that left one man naked and tied-up alongside a country road. David Franey woke up in a ditch Thursday night ...

Party Watch

Wagging tails: Football fans cheer on as adoptable doggies find friends for life

By Joel Luks

What: A sporty gathering of casual dog-loving football fans alongside their respective furr-ever pals to raise funds and awareness for Friends for Life, a no-kill animal adoption and rescue operati ...

92 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 10
Refine By:   Events (32)   Lists (0)   News (60)   Places (0)

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